Ivan Castro - Basic Rudolf Koch

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Basic Rudolf Koch: Blackletter Und Neuland

Ivan Castro

3-Day Workshop

Beginner – Advanced
Lettering • Gilding


In this workshop, we’ll learn two basic scripts by the German calligrapher Rudolf Koch. On one side, one of his many versions of blackletter taken from his book Das Schreiben als Kunstfertigkeit. As a complement to this formal script, we’ll also learn Neuland, a very basic yet expressive script by Koch. Finally, we’ll learn some decoration inspired by Koch, that will include watercolor and gilding.


  • A 3 mm flat tip pen: Brause 3 mm, Speedball C2, Mitchell 1 (N02) (N09) (N04)
  • A 6 mm flat tip reed pen, automatic pen or brush. Also a Parallel Pen 6 mm will work (N27) (FP67)
  • Your favorite calligraphy ink. Must be pretty thin, like fountain pen ink. If you prefer thicker inks, dilute them some (I04) (I07) (I37)
  • Your favorite practicing paper: sketching, laid… must be thin (maximum 90 gr/m) and Letter or A4 size (P100) (PA06)
  • Some A3 paper too, not necessarily thin
  • Some watercolor paper, whatever you have around
  • Watercolor brush, not very thick (#2, #4…)  (BR26) (BR30)
  • A watercolor palette (S679)
  • A small jar for water (S260)


  • Some vinyl glue, such as PVA (S340)
  • Any metal leaf, preferably gold (S189-5)
  • If you have agate burnishers, bring them (S194) (S903)