The Art of Illumination

The Art of Illumination with Barbara Calzolari & Tiziana Gironi
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Sept 7-9, 2016 - Berkeley, CA

Course Content:
• The capital letters in the golden section
• The Versal
• The Longobarde
• Letters inhabited by small flower decorations, filigree, animals
• Decoration cannetta
• Decoration with gouache
• Application of size for gilding
• Application of gold leaf
• Final production of a nice piece of capitals decorated with colors and gold leaf on nice paper or vellum

List of Materials to Bring
Part 1

• Pencils: hb  and 2b (S142)
• Eraser (E13)
• Sharpener (PL13)
• Sharp knife (S417, S130)
• Compass 
• Rulers (S270, S271)
• Fine point red marker and black (M17, M21)
• Note pad squared large 1 cm. (P55)
• Tracing paper (P43)
• Adhesive tape of paper (S931)
• White paper 70 g rhodia type (optional) (P53)
• Good quality for Executive Paper 
• Small sheet of parchment (optional available on the class for sale)

Part 2

• Watercolor paper semiruvida "Hammer Shollers 4r", or "Canson Arches" 300g. fine-grained, or "artistic Fabriano" 300g. fine-grained (PS82)
• Tissue paper and tracing paper to sketch, (P43)
• Pencil (hb), (S142)
• eraser, (E13)
• putty, (E09)
• a team and a ruler, (S270, S271)
• 1 holder, (H105)
• 1 stylus thin point, (S234)
• a series of round brushes of marten # 2 (BR26), # 0, and a cheaper brush 3,
• a cup for water (S992),
• a palette for artists, or a white plate preferably ceramic (S747),
• Gouache colors instead "Winsor & Newton" (recommended palette: ultramarine blue (WNG660), cadmium red (WNG094), cadmium yellow (WNG108), oxide of chromium green (WNG459), black (WNG335), sepia (WNG609), sienna (WNG552), natural (WNG074),
• watercolor in tubes "Winsor & Newton" titanium white (WN644)
• calligraphic ink crimson and blue "Winsor & Newton," (I59)
• some rag to clean brushes, or paper towels (S817)

Part 3

• Kolner Miniatum ink (we will try to use gesso but in hot condition is not easy) (S983)
• a brush to mix the small mission (BR49)
• brushes of excellent quality to distribute gesso very small (1/0/00) (BR 26)
• two small containers for water (S260)
• Agate stone to burnish (if not you can share ours)
• Gold leaf in 23 carat crystal paper (will be on sale on site or you can buy it but do not buy loose gold leaf but transfer gold leaf) (S189-5)
• a small container of distilled water 
• sharp scissors and alcohol and a cloth to clean them (S835)
• pliers very small (S507)