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Instructional Manuals

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B3098. Calligraphy Alphabets for Beginners
B3098. Calligraphy Alphabets for Beginners:The Easy Way to Learn Lettering and Illumination Techniques by Mary Noble and Janet Mehigan. 2008. 256pp. 6.5"x8". Hardcover, concealed spiral

Presents instruction for Uncial, Foundational, Carolingian, Italic, Flourished Italic Copperplate, Gothic, Lombardic Capitals & numerals. Letters are presented in groups of similar forms with ductus and stop-action photos. Final section presents adding metallics and color to letters and pieces using some newer techniques.

REVIEW: These small format hidden spiral hardcover books are very popular. They don't take up area on your work space, and unlike paperbacks, they lie completely flat. No matter how you learn best, there is instruction for you. In this instructional manual each letter is presented individually with ductus, that is the combination of the letter with the little arrows and numbers indicating stroke sequence and direction. For those who like written instructions, this stroke order and direction is put into words as well. And finally there is a three panel strip of stop action photography showing the pen as it constructs the letter. That is not totally accurate. The pen is not actually stroking the letter as there is no ink in the pens used. However, this is actually a visual plus. Because the tip of the pen is not coated in black ink, you can see how more clearly how the the pen is placed on the paper. The letters of each hand are presented in a logical sequence. Generally letters with similar shapes are presented before moving on to other letters of similar shapes. At the bottom of each page, there are one line exercises to develop rhythm & help with spacing.

The hands (alphabets) are also presented in a logical sequence. Uncial is first. Stan Knight has proposed this as beginning alphabet over Italic. Unlike italic, there is no slant to the letters. There is only a majuscule (capital) alphabet to learn. So the student can gain working facility with a basic Uncial alphabet more quickly than italic. From Uncial its Foundational minuscule (lowercase), Roman majuscules, Carolingian, Formal Italic, Flourished Italic Copperplate, Gothic, Lombardic Capitals. They finish up with numbers and the ampersand. Instruction is given only for an upright set of numbers, exemplars are provided for Carolingian and Gothic. You are left on your own for Italic, Copperplate and Lombardic Capitals. If you already own instruction books by Mary Noble and Janet Mehigan that cover these hands, you may already have the material in this book.

There is a thirteen page final section on adding color and gold to calligraphic pieces. The authors present a lot in a few pages only allowing for concise instructions.

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B2979. Little Manual of Calligraphy / Pearce
Little Manual of Calligraphy By Charles Pearce. 1981, 2006. 32pp. 8"x10". Paper

Handwritten throughout, this is one of the most beautiful calligraphy manuals. Each hand is presented with an exemplar alphabet with ductus. Pearce is a master scribe and his manual belongs in every calligraphers library - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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B2623. Calligrapher's Bible
The Calligrapher's Bible: 100 Complete Alphabets and How to Draw Them
By David Harris. 2003. 256pp. 6.3"x8.2". Hardcover, hidden spiral.

A brief section on tools, materials and techniques is followed by an amazing array of alphabets: medieval and modern, formal and informal. Each has an exemplar alphabet with ductus, including pen angle changes within strokes for certain alphabets. The opposite page has instructions on the basic structures of the letters for the hand. Includes broad edge, pointed pen, and brush alphabets. The small size & spiral format makes it easy to use. (Note: The instructional photos for the pointed pen script alphabets do not follow the standard practice in the USA).

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K104. Italic Calligraphy Beginner's Kit
Use this instructional and informative workbook and a fountain pen that exactly fits the exercises.Kit contains Simply Calligraphy by Judy Detrick, A 2.0mm Pilot Parallel Pen, and a pad of JNB Graph paper.

B4091. Simply Calligraphy
FP68 - 2.0. Left hand modified Pilot Parallel Pen.
P22. JNB Graph Pad.

To see the items in this kits, please search for FP68, B4091, and P22. (separate searches).

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K105. Calligraphy Dip Pen Beginner's Set
Calligraphy Dip Pen Starter Kit.

This kit contains everything you need to begin your journey into calligraphy: nibs and holder, ink, an instructional book and practice paper that won't bleed. These products are highest quality and come highly recommended. The Broad Edge Sampler is a small set of different brands of Broadedge nibs to let you get a feel for each nib, ideal for beginners, the Higgins Ink is non waterproof and won't build up on your nibs if you rinse it off after every use, the cotton comp pad does not feather or bleed, and Calligraphy Alphabets for Beginners is an excellent manual.

Kit contents: Broad Edge Nib Sampler, Wood Holder Higgins Eternal Ink, 9x12 Cotton Comp Pad, Calligraphy Alphabet for Beginners.

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B2225. Enrich Your Calligraphy / Wilson
Enrich Your Calligraphy
By Diana Hardy Wilson. 1996. 175pp. 7.75"x11.25". Hardcover.

This is not a book about letterforms but about how to go about creating calligraphic pieces. Further, unlike many recent calligraphy books, this book is generous with the text rather than being a printed slide show with captions. Wilson explains how to be a maker of calligraphic work with both practical and philosophical discussions about design, creativity, and the actual production.

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B2830. Finding the Flow/Jonas
Finding the Flow: A Calligraphic Journey by Gina Jonas. 2006. 85pp. 8.5" x 11". Spiral bound. Paper

A new approach to calligraphy for all levels, which acquaints the scribe with the essential but largely unexplored dynamics of stroke technique. Through stroke exercises with pencil and edged pen you explore vital movement and sensitive touch. You discover how shoulder, arm, fingers, and pen combine with alternating of pressure. The exercises lead to an intimate understanding of the edged pen: a foundation for formal alphabet study, creative alphabet design, and artistic self-expression! Begin
your calligraphy practice before starting formal alphabet study by warming up, sensitizing, and integrating mind and body. Full of illustrations and diagrams.

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B2629. Calligraphy for Kids / Winters
Calligraphy for Kids.
By Eleanor Winters. 2004. 128pp. 8.5"x11". Paper.

A kid-friendly guide. The tools, techniques, & projects have been chosen specifically with children in mind. Alphabets are introduced with mono-line tools. Chisel-edged markers are used instead of dip pens. Includes guidelines (which can be photocopied).

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B2302. Uncommon Numbers Manual / Casey
The Uncommon Numbers Manual edited by Brenda Casey (Zoby) 1999. 80pp. 8.5" x 5.5". Paper

Covers the construction of numbers for Uncial (Waters), Blackletter (Dunham), Italic (Alice), Copperplate (Artigas), Bookhand (Cheryl Adams), Neuland (Rohrs), and Pointed Pen Uncial (Kecseg). For each an exemplar for the alphabet. A ductus and further instruction on the numbers is included with each hand. Julian Waters has contributed "Designing with Italic Letters and Numbers."

Special Offer: Get a complete set of all three
Uncommon Numbers books in a slipcase for only $39.95.
Use item code B4133 Uncommon Numbers Trilogy.

View a page from Larry Brady and Emily Brown Shield.

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DVD29. Italic with Flourish DVD
Italic with a Flourish
By Margaret Daubney. DVD 52 minutes.

Using clear demonstrations, explains the features of a formal Italic hand, guides you through the letterforms, and shows you how to develop and use your skills. Includes plenty of technical advice. Daubney was a tutor at Roehampton.

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