Intro To Versals: Old & New

Slant board/desk that slants up to 45 degrees.
  • Any stiff board, measuring at least 18" x 20" (Masonite, gatorfoam, or plexiglass work well also) (S690)
Pen holders and nibs
  • Minimum of three sizes of your favorite broad-edge dip pen, full set suggested. (N02-S9, N04-S10B, N09-S6)
  • Minimum of two pen holders, best to have enough for full set of nibs (H104)
  • Black ink. Your favorite (Sumi Moon Palace recommended) (I70)
Gouache and/or Watercolor (You will be creating much of your work in color during this class, please use your judgment as to how many colors you need on hand. Minimum one color in addition to the black ink you will be using.)
  • Small tube(s) (Holbein, Winsor & Newton, Schmincke, etc....) (WNG1, HG800-5, SG27, WNWC1)
  • An old "retired" small brush for mixing colors (can be poor quality!) (BR43)
  • Marker Layout paper (Canson Pro Layout Marker or Borden and Riley #37, Layout Visual Bond, etc... either 9X12, or 11X14) (P32, P09-50, P59)
  • 1 sheet, Arches 90#, or Arches 140# hot or cold press, or other high-quality paper. Can be cut to 1/2 size for transport, or, if you know that you work small, it can be cut to 1/4 size. (PS41, PS42, PS47, PS48)
  • Tracing Paper. (12" roll is preferred and most cost effective). Tracing paper pads ok. (P43)
Pencil & Erasers
  • 05, HB in a mechanical pencil. Other pencil's acceptable providing you can keep them sharp. (PL21)
  • Clean plastic eraser or clean kneaded eraser. (E13, E09)
  • Metal ruler will give you more accurate measuring and a good, straight, sharp edge. (S270)
  • Artist tape, or removable scotch tape, 1/2" or 3/4" roll. (S699)
  • Craft knife -- #11 blade (The sharp, pointed blade) (S417)
  • Water container and paper towels or clean up cloths (S1005, S817)
  • T square (S753)
  • Triangle (S464)
  • Scissors (S835)
  • Extra Brushes (BR26)
  • A thin light box, (S939)
  • Any favorite writing tool which I may have left out, that you enjoy working with.
Text from which to work:
  • One short poem/passage (10-15 words) and one long poem/passage (8 line poem, 40-50 words)
$10.68 $8.95
$11.03 $8.95
$15.98 $11.95
$15.51 $11.75