Jean Wilson

Teaching on Jean's blog:

Nikko G nibs N113
marbled pen holder H63
McCaffrey's Penman's Ink I37
Clairfontaine paper - either plain or grid P36 or P38

Hunt Oblique pen holder H23, for right handed people who want to try an oblique holder Walnut ink I53-2.5, for people who want to try another kind of ink

Recommended Books

The Speedball Textbook (B039) is the best book if you want to explore many different styles.
Modern Calligraphy (B3948) by Molly Suber Thorpe is for students who do not wish to do anything traditional.
The Turner copperplate book (B3116, Technique of Copperplate Calligraphy) has everything you need for the basics of copperplate.
The Winters copperplate book (B1109, Mastering Copperplate) has more information and would be a good choice if you know you will be committed to mastering copperplate.
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