James Farrell - Polyrhythms and Gestural Movements applied to Pointed Pen - April 10 and 11

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Polyrhythms and Gestural Movements applied to Pointed Pen with James Farrell organized by ACI

A weekend workshop with James Fazz Farrell that goes in depth with a revision of the fundamental forms (Round Hand and Spencerian being the base models) and introduction of polyrhythms and gestural movements, with final analysis of work achieved. Plus, a finished piece, i.e. short poem or quote written with the skills acquired. A polyrhythm is the simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms, that are not readily perceived as deriving from one another, or as simple manifestations of the same meter. The rhythmic conflict may be the basis of an entire piece of music (cross-rhythm), or a momentary disruption.

Cost: 150 Euro

The class is presented live, online Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April and the live presentation will be recorded and available, for the members, for watching at a later time

The class is in English. Lesson times 10.00-12.00 | 14.30-16.30 | 18.30-19.30 (Italian time)

Information by filling out the form at the following link: https://forms.gle/NjEvM9e8d51nVRvZA 
Registration by Saturday 27 March info: sannoner.aci@gmail.com

Supply List:

  • Pencil (PL38)
  • Eraser (E06)
  • Ruler (S798)
  • Small jar for ink and water (S1005)
  • Paper: White, smooth layout paper, 90 gr. (Rhodia notepad) (P80)
  • Ink: black free flowing ink, Higgins Eternal and Blot’s Iron Gall are perfect (I08) (I116)
  • An oblique penholder, Speedball’s black plastic is fine to begin with  (H97)
  • Nibs: Leonardt EF Principal, Gillott 404, Hunt 22, Hunt 101, Vintage Hunt 22, Vintage Hunt 99 (N120) (N74) (N93) (N93-V) (N77)
  • Guidelines, worksheets, text books, references shall all be provided
  • Optional: Watercolours and Gouache (WNG1) (WNWC1)
  • Fine art paper for final piece of work
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