John DeCollibus - Add an EXTRA Dash of Madarasz

Master Penman John DeCollibus is presenting his second online course entitled "Add an EXTRA Dash of Madarasz". John has taught this beautiful script for over 20 years with great success.Whole arm movement will be emphasized in executing the bold Madarasz style capitals and embellished words.

Experience with pointed pen script such as Copperplate is recommended. Experience with pointed pen script such as Copperplate is highly recommended.

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Pen points:
  • Leonardt Principal (N120)
  • Brause Rose (N69)
  • Tachikawa G (N137)
  • Zebra G (N118)
  • Hunt 101 (N77)
(crow quills are not suitable for Madarasz Script)

Oblique penholders:
Right oblique holders are to be used by right and left handers.
What ever you use for copperplate should work for Madarasz Script as well.
Be sure that the flange is adjustable or is set at a slight upward cant.
(H130, H115)(Speedball plastic holders are not good for Madarasz Script)

  • Preferred ink: McCafferey's Penman's Ink, preferably black for practice. (I37)
  • Also: Old World Ink and Iron Gall ink. (I116, I54)
  • Sumi and Ziller inks need water added for finer hair lines. (I70, I28)
  • Clairefontaine and Rhodia are best but expensive for practice.(P36, P53)
  • Cushion: use about 6 pages of newspaper under your writing paper
  • Wet sponge
  • Loose leaf note book or other to hold your handouts