Joke Boudens - Cheerio Retreat May 2020 - CANCELLED

Joke Boudens - Cheerio Retreat
May 3rd through May 8th, 2020

JNB Preorders
Deadline for preorders - Wednesday, April 29th
Add item 00CHEER to your cart to ensure that your preorder is brought to the retreat for you.

Supply list:
  • 2 sheets of quality paper, 56 cm x 76 cm (22" x 30"), at least 250 gsm HP = Hot Pressed paper with a smooth surface finish, e.g. Saunders Waterford HP (300 gr), Fabriano artistico HP (300 gr), Canson Edition (250 gr), Arches aquarelle (grain fin, 300 gr)(Do not bring BFK Rives or Zerkall HP, it's not possible to erase on these papers!)If you have the choice, opt for natural white rather than bright white! (PS47)
  • Exercise (transparent) paper such as Daler Rowney lay-out paper (A4 or A3) (P32)
  • Mechanical pencil 0,35 (any brand will do). Essential for drawing nice fine guidelines! (PL21, PL22)
  • Black fineliners 0,05 and 0,1 and 0,2 (preferable Staedtler, Micron or Unipin). (You can bring thicker ones too) (M17)
  • Pointed brush of good quality size 2, 3 or 4 (Da Vinci, Winsor & Newton, Daler-Rowney), can be synthetics (BR28)
  • Gouache, at least 3 colors (color scheme you want to use in your book), but you can bring more. (WNG1, WNG2, WNG3, WNG4)
  • Container for water, Glue stick or other, Ruler of 50 cm (20 inch) (S1005, S391, S271)
  • Ruler of 15 cm (6 inch): is not indispensable but I like to use one because it's handy.
  • Scissors, Small cutting mat, Light box (if you own one) (S835, S504, S939)
  • Setsquare (S464)
  • Fine eraser (any brand) + regular eraser(E22, E13)
  • Cutter (any brand) (S417, S130)
File containing a lot of information about your chosen theme:
e.g. You're planning to make a book about a trip to Paris: then you could look up a lot of information about this city, use parts of a diary you wrote when you were there, poems or songs about Paris, recipes, a map, short quotes .... You can also cut out or print pictures or drawings of the Eiffel tower, Parisian houses, statues you saw, museums you visited ... to use in your book as a collage going with the text. Or you can draw or paint some illustrations yourself if you're good at it. If you want to make your own illustrations, then bring the materials you need for that: color pencils, Watercolor, more gouache.