Joy Deneen

Below you will find some of Joy's favorite and most suggested supplies.
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(N155) Luthis Pens
(N148) Tims Pens
(N30) Folded Ruling Pen
(FP132) Pilot Parallel Pen (Radius cut)
(I70) Moon Palace Sumi Ink
(S449) Walnut Ink Crystals
(PS01) Arches Text Wove
(P69) Gilbert Bond Cotton Practice Pad
(PS101) Calligraphy Paper Sample Sheet Pack
(B4087) The Speedball Textbook
(B2769) Foundations of Calligraphy
(B2811) The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering
(B3401) The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy
(B3244) Calligraphy: Contemporary Inspiration
(B145) The Zanerian Manual
(B3870) Take Your Pleasure Seriously
(B2982) Scribe
(B3321) Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering
(B3962) Happy Lettering With the Right Tools
(B3909) Little Book of Lettering
(B3860) Steal Like An Artist
Letter Arts Review 
Bound and Lettered