Jan Pickett - Embossing with Extra Pizazz!

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Embossing with Extra Pizazz!

Jan Pickett

1-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome

Lettering • Design

Embossing is the art of shaping letters and patterns so that they are raised above the surface of the paper, casting subtle shadows, and giving an appearance of quality wherever used. After learning to prepare and cut re-usable templates, we embark on the embossing process, with its many and varied applications. During this mini workshop, we add a little delicate colouring, also extra cutting, creating unique ‘built up’ 3D designs for that extra pzazz! Embossed work can stand alone or be used in conjunction with lettering styles of your choice for the final sparkle.

Come and watch and these easily acquired, related techniques, to produce some stunning results… Suitable for all levels


  • Embossing tools (two sizes, double ended are excellent) (S478)
  • Cutting Mat (S504)
  • Exacto Craft Knife or equivalent WITH LONG POINTED BLADES (NO 11) (S417) (If using a scalpel, please have a small pair of pliers to change blades)
  • Spare sharp blades (no 11 – pointed) YOU WILL NEED spare blades (S793)
  • Tracing paper (P112)
  • 2H pencils (PL38)
  • Thin card – Cardboard envelopes or cereal packet thickness is excellent!
  • Masking tape (S931)
  • metal ruler (S270)
  • Scissors
  • Rubber (E13)
  • Pritt Stick
  • Selection of reasonable quality watercolors- pans or tubes, (not gouache) (S609) (WNWC1) (S1050)
  • Good quality pointed brush (BR26)
  • Colored pencils (ideally water soluble, but not essential) (PL28)
  • Vital: BFK Rives (perfect for embossing) 250gsm or 300gsm (PS91)
  • Small selection of Water colour papers, (Small sizes are OK) (PA110)
  • A small light box IF you have one (S1013) (S939)
  • Pastels (dry, not oil) (S981)
  • Patience and sense of humor!