Jan Pickett - Letters Unlimited

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Letters Unlimited

Jan Pickett

1-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome

Lettering • Design

In this workshop we will be creating decorative drawn and edged pen letters by adding shape, form and a third dimension for maximum effect. A little shadowed, as well as ‘invisible’ lettering is also included for good measure!

Further fun with watercolour, pastels and coloured pencils, we explore a wealth of creative techniques to produce many delicate effects, guaranteed to add sparkle to your pages.


  • Usual edged pens and large nib sizes, including Automatic pens (N27) (N02) (N09)
  • Pointed nib (N113) (N120) (N77)
  • Mixing palette, mixing brush & 2 water pots (S679) (BR26) (S1005)
  • A selection of reasonable quality water colours (pans or tubes) (WNWC1) (WNWC2) (WNWC3) (WNWC4)
  • A selection of Gouache colours, including black and permanent white (WNG1) (WNG2) (WNG3) (WNG4)
  • Water-soluble coloured pencils (ideally not your children’s or grandchildren’s)
  • Tracing paper (P112)
  • Ruler (S270)
  • 2h pencil (PL38)
  • clean rubber (E13)
  • Waterproof fine liner pen (M17)
  • Good quality brushes (sizes 0 / 1 / 2) Sable are best (BR26) (BR38)
  • Dry pastels (not oil based)
  • Set square
  • Hot pressed paper 250gms or heavier (smallish sizes) and some (PA110)
  • Some Bockingford/watercolour paper.
  • Cartridge paper for trials/practice (P100) (P109)
  • Craft Knife, cutting mat (S504) (S417)
  • Masking tape (S931)
  • Optional: Silver and/or gold gel pens (M64) (M137)
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