John Stevens - Capital Immersion

Montreal 2022
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This workshop will be mostly brush, but may also veer into some pen, and even pencil. 

This is the most important!

Broad-Edged Brushes. Don’t just take some brush from the bottom of your tool box; the edge as to be true and as square as possible.

  • W&N 995=1/2” or Raphael Kaerell 8796 #10 or #12 (BR01, BR24)
  • You will later want to work at smaller sizes. Here are my recommendations:
  • Sign painters use Sho-card brush (Optional) Rekab #5 (BR12)
  • Richeson Professional Flat Brush (BR69)
  • Mack One-Stroke Lettering Brush (BR72)

  • Pointed Brushes (Optional)
  • W&N Series 7 (#000, #00, #2) (BR28)
  • Raphael Kolinski 8408 (BR47; out of stock)
  • Water container and palette (S1005) (S679)

  • Ink/Pigment

  • A container of Nicker Poster Color (Black) (For brush Roman. If you are going to practice a lot, it is good to purchase 2 of these.) (S1022) Gouache will work as well, but the poster painter is closer to the consistency for paletting.
  • Pelikan 4001 or Higgins Eternal (I04) (I08)
  • Optional: Gouache (Black), Ink stick & stone (WNG1) (IS38) (IS19)

  • Paper
  • Kraft paper (or butcher paper) for brush Roman (not too thin). Allows you to do a lot of practice without the fear of going through all of your paper. (PS109)
  • Smoother paper for ink/pen. Bond paper is fine if it does not bleed, something like Canson Pro-Layout Marker Pad or Boris Layout Pad (Borden & Riley #37). (P20) (P32) (P09-50) For your practice or doing assignments, I would recommend its size roughly 11 x 14 inches (28 cm x 35 cm).

  • Pencils
  • 2B-HB (for drawing/writing) (PL38)
  • 2H-4H (for ruling line) (PL38)

  • Felt-tipped pen
  • Such as Pigma Micron Black #02, #01 or #005 (M17)

  • Words/Texts
  • Some as short as 2-3 words, but also a sentence or two and other texts that are longer.

  • Other
  • Hard Arkansas Stone (S115)
  • 32x loupe or magnify glass (S1112)
  • Polishing Paper: very fine (9 micron) sandpaper (S107)

  • Optional
  • Gouache (a couple of colors) (WNG1) (WNG2) (WNG3) (WNG4)
  • HP watercolor paper of your choice (Arches Text Wove, Zerkall, Rives BFK, MBM, Fabriano, W&N, etc.) (PS00, PS92, PS91, PS01, PS104)

  • Suggested (Usual Workshop Supplies)
  • Palette to palette our brushes (I like glass, but porcelain or hard material will work.) (S747). Alternatively, so do paper plates (styrol or plastic coated). (S747)
  • A small brush for loading pens (BR43)
  • Water container (S1005)
  • Paper weights
  • Knife (to cut paper) (S417)
  • Glue stick (S391)
  • Paper towels (S817)
  • Note-taking stuff
  • Straight edge for lines (S270)
  • Crops (2 “L” crops) (You can cut from matt board.)
  • Masking Tape (S412)
  • Soap to clean brushes (S930, S987)

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