Cheerio (John Stevens) 2021

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John Stevens

Italics | Cheerio 2021

September 19th through September 24th

Location Address: Camp Cheerio, 1430 Camp Cheerio Road, Glade Valley, NC 28627

The Covid19 pandemic, as you know, has pushed this class back a year. We are very excited and hopeful for your return to retreats at Cheerio.  Please notify us as soon as you can so that YOU are kept on the attendance list. It has been suggested that those who are planning to be with us, have their covid vaccination; so that we can safely participate together. Please also know that masks may be a required  supply at the camp facility in certain areas. Thanks so much for helping us to be responsible and caring of each other.

Please find below the materials needed and the schedule of events such as meals and workshop times. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call or write, as we will be glad to answer them.

Supply List:

  • Mitchell (01, 02, 04, or 05), Brause (4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm & 1.5 mm), Speedball (C-0, C-1, C-2, C-3), or Hiro/Tape, Pilot Parallel, 3.8 mm (Green Cap) preferred, and cartridges, Automatic Pens Size 3a & 4 (N04) (N02) (N09) (N01) (FP67) (FP69) (FP70) (N27)
  • Higgins Eternal, Pelican 4001, or walnut ink. (I08) (I04) (I145)
  • Smoother paper for ink. Bond paper is fine if it does not bleed. For your practice or doing assignments, I would recommend its size roughly 11 x 14 inches (28 cm x 35 cm).

Something like:

1.) Canson Pro-Layout Marker Pad or Boris Layout Pad (Borden & Riley #37) (P32) (P09-50)

2.) John Neal grid practice paper (P21)

3.) Rhodia notepad (P55)

Tinted color paper (not white, like Kraft paper)

Pencil Any sharp hard pencil for ruling lines. I like 0.3 mm mechanical pencil, but 0.5 mm will be Okay. Actually, I use a lead-holder with removable lead (like the old drafting days), as I can get a very sharp point. One cannot be too careful ruling lines, especially for small writing. For monoline practice, HB to 2B will be good. (PL21) (S650) (S651)

Basic workshop tools Pen holders (that fit your nibs, obviously), writing board (optional), tape, cloth, water jars, paper for hand-guard (or glove if that is your preference), a palette for color mixing, eraser, ink-loading brush, and straight edge/T-square. (H113) (H105) (S690) (S270) (E13) (BR43) (S1024) (S1025) (S260) (S679)

Option 1 (Which means you may or may not want them or use a different type, but this is my  strong recommendation if you are going to write small.)

We are going to put an edge on a pointed nib for small writing. But your choice. If you’d like to try, you need those things below:

  • Pointed nibs (Gillott 303, Hunt 101, Gillott 404, or Hunt 56 (school round pointed) (N72) (N77) (N74) (N86)
  • Arkansas Hard Stone (S115)
  • Polishing Paper (Very fine (9 micron) sandpaper. (S107)
  • 32x loupe (for examining nibs) or at the very least, a magnifying glass. You will need good magnification if you want to see how we are shaping our nibs. (S1112)

 Option 2

  • Gouache (a couple of colors) (WNG1)(WNG2)(WNG3)(WNG4)
  • HP watercolor paper of your choice (Arches Text Wove, Zerkall, Rives BFK, MBM, Fabriano (PS00) (PS01) (PS92) (PS91) (PS107)     
  • W&N, etc.), Pointed brush (Winsor & Newton Series 7, 000, or 00, or 1) )(BR28)

 Option 3 (Meaning, you don’t have to have them; but, if you are curious.)

  • Raphael Kaerell Flat Brush (sizes 2-8 are reliable) (BR24) If you have a broad brush, watch the video for preparation: Video Here:
  • Dividers
  • Chinese Stick Ink & Ink Stone (quality), (IS38)
  • Sandarac powder (S123)

You can pre-order from John Neal and your supplies will be waiting for you on Sunday 9/19. ( or 800-369-9598) 

Non – Calligraphic Materials 

  • Flashlight.  Bedding and towels are supplied for all accommodations.
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$12.00 $9.68
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$10.24 $7.65
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