Janet Takahashi - The Art of Miniature Painting & Lettering

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The Art of Miniature Painting & Lettering

Janet Takahashi

1-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome

Lettering • Drawing • Painting


Explore the process of creating miniature works of art accompanied with calligraphy. Inspired by the beautiful miniature paintings of the illuminated manuscript of 16th century Joris Hoefnagel in Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta and 20th century calligrapher Marie Angel, we will create modern miniature illuminations. Learn the techniques in a step-by-step method using various tools and materials to draw and paint in colored pencil, pen and ink, watercolor and gouache. We will begin working large and gradually reduce in size to miniature. The focus of this class will be on miniature painting. Learn how to simplify and render fine detail for creating your own tiny masterpieces.



-*1/2 sheet of quality paper such as Arches Watercolor Paper, weight 140lb (255 gsm) (PS48), HP (Hot Press) (PS47), or Fabriano Artistico HP 140lb (255 gsm)


Full sheet = 22” x 30”. Half sheet = 22” x 15”. Pre-cut your paper to 5” x 7”, ½ sheet yields 9 pieces.

-Canson marker layout paper, 2-3 sheets (P32)

-Tracing paper, 2 sheets (P112)

-Graph paper (8 sq/in) 1 sheet (P21)


-Pigma micron, black: 01, 005, 003 (M17)

-Any Flexible pointed nib with straight pen holder (N154) (H113)

-Small broad edge calligraphy pen nib for lettering in different sizes: (For example range Mitchell 3 or smaller, Brause 1mm or smaller, or other) (N02) (N04)

-Sakura Gelly roll white (for touch up) (M61)


-mechanical pencil HB .5mm or smaller (PL21)

-few colored pencils for adding color. (Primsacolor Verithin Colored Pencils have a hard thin core and sharpen to a fine point for detail work, or a brand of your choice) (PL28) (S818)

-pencil sharpener (PL13)

-kneaded eraser (E09)

-Pentel clic eraser or Tombow Mono Zero eraser(E10) (E22)

Paints & Brushes

-Watercolors, any small set (S609)

-Gouache (optional) (WNG1)

-Fine-tec gold or similar (optional) (S1000)

-Fine round watercolor brush that comes to a good point, size 1 or smaller (note: a No.4 brush of good quality comes to a fine point) (BR26)

-Mixing brush (BR43)

-2 brush marker pens for process, any color of your choice (M118) (M120)


-Walnut ink for lettering, or ink of your choice (I145) (S449)

-Paint palette for mixing paint. (S679)

-Transparent plastic graph ruler (S798)

-Masking tape (S931)


-Water jar (S1005)

-Paper towels, few

-Compass or Dividers


Not necessary but helps with magnification:

Reading glasses or Optivisor magnifier

$15.98 $11.95
$15.51 $11.75
$19.60 $17.95
$12.00 $9.68
$7.50 $5.90