Jurgen Vercaemst - Colorful Lettering Composition

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Colorful Lettering Composition

Jurgen Vercaemst

2-Day Workshop

Beginner – Intermediate

Lettering • Design • Painting


Capital lettering… pressure/release, exploring different rhythms and layouts, with mechanical pencil and fineliner. From there we will do built-up caps, always searching for consistency in form, size, slant, contrast… Our goal is to do a layout that is suited to fill negative space with colour.


  • Layout paper A3 (or Ledger…) (P20)
  • some better papers (Arches MBM, Arches Text wove, Khadi…) (PS104) (PS103)(PS01)
  • Ruler, or T-square, triangle (S798) (S753) (S613)
  • various ‘ordinary’ pencils (6B, 2B, HB) (PL38)
  • pencils Derwent wash 4 or 6B (optional)
  • mechanicals pencils 0,3-0,5-0,7-0,9 mm (PL21)
  • eraser (E13)
  • dip pens in assorted sizes (Brause, Mitchell, Speedball) and pen-holders (N02) (N04) (N09)
  • Walnut ink (I145) (S449)
  • Some gouache colors (WNG1)
  • some watercolor colors (WNWC1)
  • Swiss knife
  • Fineliners 0,05-0,1-0,2 mm. Copic Multi-liners and others. (M17)
  • Ink rags or tissues
  • Notebook Moleskine or other. (PA86)