Julie Wildman - Exploring the Handwritmic (Brody) Ruling Pen - January 26, 27, 28 (Both morning and evening sessions available)

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These classes are not hosted by John Neal Books.

Exploring the Handwritmic Ruling Pen

Jan 26, 27, 28

Morning Session - 11am -1pm Chicago Time

Evening Session - 7pm-9pm Chicago Time

Supply List:

• Handwritmic Ruling Pen ( ONLY BLACK IS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) (N211)
• Small bottle of black sumi, walnut, or other ink and cups for ink (try several if you have them) (I70, I153)
• Small bottle of distilled water (to dilute sumi if necessary)
• 30 ml jar of Dr. Martin’s or Winsor & Newton Bleedproof White or a small tube of white gouache and cup that is large enough to dip your ruling pen (I38) (WNG1)
• 1–2 tubes of colored gouache (WNG1)
• One inexpensive flat (1/8”) watercolor brush (BR69)
• One inexpensive pointed watercolor brush (BR26)
• 6 well paint palette (S679)
• Lots of practice paper with some tooth, preferably 11” x 17” or 12” x 18”. (P100)
• A few of your favorite colored pencils (PL28, PL06)
• A few sheets (approx. 11 x 15—quarter size of most larger papers) of your favorite nice papers to try out ink and tools. Whatever you have in your stash. Paper Suggestions: Try white, color, and black. (Suggestions: Arches Text Wove, Nideggen, Bugra, Tiziano, Arches Black Cover, Artagain Black, Rives BFK, etc.) (PS01) (PS90) (PS93) (PS21-BLK)
• Ruler, pencil and eraser (S798) (PL38) (E09)
• Water container (S1005)
• Roll of paper towels