Julie Wildman - Every Letter is a Jewel - May 4, 5, 6

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• Any kind of pointed nib and a straight holder (N154) (H104)
• 1 fine point black marker like Pigma Micron in Size 01 (M17)
• Pencil (S142)
• A small-tipped embossing tool—or you can use the tip of a paint brush or penholder (S478)
• White gel pen (your favorite brand—could also have some colors if you prefer)  (M61) (M137)
• White paint pen (Uni Posca is my favorite) in an extra fine, fine, or bullet tip (M149)

RESIST WRITING OPTIONS (You may choose one or both)
NOTE: The acrylic gesso option will give you the ability to write with both the Fineline and larger-tipped applicators. If you choose the gesso option, there is no need to buy the Golden High-Flow. Both the acrylic gesso and acrylic paint remain on the paper.
• Fineline Applicator (preferred size: 20 gauge/.5mm — blue tip) (S820)
If you want to try some very delicate writing, you will want to use the Fineline Applicator
filled with either the acrylic gesso mixture OR the Golden High-Flow Acrylic.
• 1 inexpensive applicator bottle with a pointed tip and cap (can only be filled with acrylic gesso mixture) (S820)
If you’d like to try some heavier writing—something that gives about 1/8” or larger of a line—
then you’ll want to buy the applicator bottle.
• Small bottle of Liquitex liquid acrylic gesso and a small bottle of Liquitex acrylic matte or gloss medium
• 1 small bottle (30 ml/1 oz.) of White Golden High-Flow Acrylic (I133)

Masking fluid is another type of resist that you remove from the paper once it’s dry. 
• Masking Fluid (Pebeo is a good brand) either in an applicator or for use with your pointed nib
Applicator examples: Molotow Masking Pen, Fineline Masquepen (M144) (S198)

• Small bottle each of black sumi and walnut ink, plus cups for ink (I70) (I53)
• Small bottle of distilled water (to dilute sumi if necessary)
• Jar of Dr. Martin’s or Winsor & Newton Bleedproof White or small tube of white gouache and cup to mix (I38)
• 2-3 tubes or bottles of your favorite watercolors (WNWC1)
• 2-3 tubes of gouache (WNG1)
• One inexpensive flat (1/8”) watercolor brush (Simply Simmons is a good brand) (BR24)
• One inexpensive pointed watercolor brush (BR26)
• 6-well paint palette (S679)
• Metallic gold watercolor* (e.g., Schmincke Horadam Gold, Daniel Smith Iridescent Gold, Finetec metallics, etc.) (S1000)
• Metallic Dry Gouache Sec or Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments (I139)

• 10-15 sheets of practice paper with some tooth, preferably 11” x 17” or 12” x 18”  (P20)
•   2 sheets of 22” x 30” Arches Text Wove (PS01)
• 1 sheet of 22” x 30” Arches Black Cover OR Artagain Black (PS90)

• A few of your favorite colored pencils or pastel pencils (PL28)
• A few sheets of tracing paper (P112)
• White rubber eraser or kneaded eraser (E09) (E30)
• A black eraser is nice if you have it (E08)
• Roll of 1” drafting tape or masking tape
• Ruler (S798)
• Water containers (S1005)
• Roll of paper towels

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