Julie Wildman - Make Your Mark - May 11, 12, 13

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Make Your Mark

May 11, 12, 13 / 11 am–1pm CDT

This class will explore the beauty of the abstract form, using all sorts of tools and fluids to ‘make our mark’ on the page. The artist Georgia O’Keeffe said: ‘Go fill your space in a beautiful way.’ It is my hope that this class will help you do that!

This is a 6-hour Zoom class, 2 hours each day for three days. Video is available with no time limit.

Supply List:

  • Small bottle of sumi ink (I70)
  • Small bottle of walnut ink (I53)
  • Small bottle of Pebeo (or other brand) masking fluid OR a masking pen. (M144)(S198)
  • You may also purchase a Fineline Applicator with the masking fluid already in it. This is used as a resist which will peel off the paper after color is applied. (S820)

NOTE: You only need one of these options:
• Small bottle of Liquitex Liquid Gesso and a small bottle of Liquitex or Golden acrylic matte or gloss medium OR
• 1 small bottle of Golden High-Flow Acrylic White (This fluid will be poured into the Fineline Applicator.) (I133)
The gesso mixture and High-Flow Acrylic paint are used as a resist which remains on the paper after color is applied.

  • 6-well paint tray (S679)
  • Inexpensive flat watercolor brush (between 1/8” and 1/4”--a good size for doing some flat brush writing & using for adding color) (BR24) Simply Simmons is a great, inexpensive brand.
  • Inexpensive flat large brush for washes (minimum 2” width) (BR64)
  • 1 empty plastic squeeze bottle with fine writing tip (Fineline Applicator or other brand.) (S820)

 Favorite calligraphy tools (see suggestions):

  • pointed pen (N154)
  • pointed brush (BR26) (BR22)
  • water brush (FP93) (FP94)
  • Pentel Brush(FP57)
  • Coit pens
  • ruling pens (N22) (N211) (N208)
  • weird nibs
  • folded pens (N155) (N30) (N148)
  • cola pen
  • broom bristle pen
  • seashell
  • seed pods
  • 14 x 17 pad of Strathmore 400 Series drawing paper (P100)
  • A few pastels (S981) (S885)
  • A few colored pencils (PL28)
  • Some favorite watercolors (whatever you have) (S609) (S1000)
  • Metallic inks or watercolors to drop into wet media (I151) (I155) (I27)
  • Metallic or iridescent dry pigments to sprinkle into wet media (S1000) (I139)

    Nice Paper
  • 3 Arches Text Wove (20 x 25) (PS01)
  • 1 Nideggen or something equivalent (22 x 30) (PS93)
  • 2 Ingres (19 x 25) or Canson Mi-Tientes in lighter colors (e.g., tan, gray, cream, etc.) (PS05) (PS61)
  • 1 Watercolor paper cold press (rough) (22 x 30) (PS41)
  • 1 Black sheet (22 x 30) – Arches Black Cover, Rives BFK Black, Canson Mi-Tientes, etc. (PS90) (PS61) (PS00)
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$10.68 $8.95
$13.70 $9.65