Karen Daughtry - Continuing Contemplative Calligraphy - November 1

Contemplative Calligraphy
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For those already acquainted with basic calligraphic letterforms and materials, don't miss an opportunity to use the tools of your choice (dip pen, cartridge pen, Pilot Parallel Pen, or a quill pen) and continue practicing the contemplative aspects of calligraphy in the process. Gather your favorite materials and meet once a week for calligraphy practice with guided meditation to enhance their contemplative experience. Instruction on technique and interactive Q&A for design, layout, calligraphy, and developing your "artist's eye." Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Online Class: Sunday 1 - 3 pm Six-week class beginning November 1st

Supply List:

  • Pilot Parallel Pen 3.8mm (the green one) (FP67)
  • Black cartridges for the Parallel Pen (FP69)
  • Practice Paper: Plain 8-1/2 x 11” copier paper is OK for practice to start with (Recommended) Marker Paper (9x12”) (P32) OR Practice paper of your choice (P25)


Optional Supplies for later:

  • Drawing board (S690)
  • Pipettes (to refill cartridges) (S141)
  • Pelikan fount india ink (to refill cartridges) (I02)
  • Any kind of water-soluble colors, such as this inexpensive watercolor pan which includes a brush, or other colors you may already have (S609)