Katie Leavens - Calligraphy Flourishing - 3 Thursdays - July 8-22

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Name: Calligraphy Flourishing 

Description: Calligraphic flourishing is the art of embellishing your writing. If calligraphy is an outfit, flourishing are the accessories. In this short calligraphy workshop, we will study pointed pen flourishing from the 17th century to present. Through flourishing, we will improve our pen control, increase the fluidity of our writing, and encourage our creativity. Some knowledge of the pointed pen will be helpful.

Cost: $125


3 Thursdays, 7/8/2021-7/22/2021
6-8pm (Pacific), with optional Engagement Lab 8-9pm

Will be live, but recordings will be available for the rest of summer.


  • Your favorite pointed Nibs: for example - Nikko G (N113), Hunt 101 (N77), Leonardt Principal (N120)
  • Marker Layout Paper (9"x12”) (P09-50)
  • Your favorite flowing ink: for example - Walnut ink (S450), Higgins Eternal (I08), Sumi (I24-6)
  • Oblique pen holder with metal flange (H129)
  • Straight holder (H129)
  • Pencil (PL38)
  • Good eraser (E13)
  • Cup for dirty ink water (S1005)
  • Container for ink (small jar with mouth at least 1.5 inches, or dinky dip) (S934)
  • Cotton rag (or paper towels)