Kestrel Montes - Calligraphy Number Variations - February 23 and 26 - AM and PM Classes

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John Neal Books does not host this class.

Calligraphy Number Variations
with Kestrel Montes

Live online group workshop via Zoom, with lessons recorded and available for review or schedule conflicts.

February 23 & 26, 2022
9am OR 3 PM Pacific Time
Registration opens January 23

What we'll do:
  • Pen control skills for getting in the number groove
  • Copperplate numbers 0-9
  • Multiple variations of each number for aesthetic options
  • How and when to drop numbers below the baseline
  • How to mix numbers and letters (we're looking at you, Canada & UK postal codes!!)
  • A bit on Roman numerals, ordinal numbers and punctuation associated with numbers

Supply List:

  • Calligraphy quality paper (P20)
  • Your favorite pointed pen nib or small tipped brush pen (M148) (N154) (H133)
  • Pencil (PL38)
  • Ink (recommended: walnut, sumi, iron gall, or gouache) (I70) (I145) (I116) (WNG1)
  • Internet connection!
  • A quiet space to focus