Kestrel Montes - Copperplate Number Variations - March 9 and 12 - AM and PM Classes

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John Neal Books does not host this class.

Copperplate Number Variations


March 9 & 12
9am or 4PM Pacific Time

What we'll do:

  • Pen control skills for getting in the number groove
  • Copperplate numbers 0-9
  • Multiple variations of each number for aesthetic options
  • How and when to drop numbers below the baseline
  • How to mix numbers and letters (we're looking at you, Canada & UK postal codes!!)
  • A bit on Roman numerals, ordinal numbers and punctuation associated with numbers

Supply List:

  • Calligraphy quality paper (P20)
  • Your favorite pointed pen nib or small tipped brush pen (M148) (N154) (H133
  • Pencil (PL38)
  • Ink (recommended: walnut, sumi, iron gall, or gouache) (I70) (I145) (I116) (WNG1)
  • Internet connection!
  • A quiet space to focus