Kathy Milici - Holiday Flourishes: Creating Small Treasures - October 29 & November 5, 2022

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Holiday Flourishes with Kathy Milici
Hosted by Calligraphy Crush Magazine

Dates:  2 Saturdays, October 29 & November 5

Time: 10:00 AM to 12 NOON, then 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: $195.00

Level: ALL

To register: https://calligraphycrush.com/have-pens-will-dazzle-modern-calligraphy-classes/

In this festive workshop full of fun flourishing treats, you’ll learn how to combine simple flourished shapes and strokes combined with easily drawn and painted holiday designs on paper, using pointed pen, colored pencils, and watercolor. In this step-by-step guided workshop, you’ll create seasonal treasures like snowmen, ornaments and adornments, banners, bells, bows, and of course, Santa! You will also learn how to add hand-lettered greetings to your designs, and Kathy will share some tips and tricks to help you achieve a balanced and polished, finished composition. (And she’ll throw in some envelope design/addressing tips too!)   
Last, we’ll add some glittery embellishments to make your small beauties sparkle! This workshop is packed with creativity and fun.
It’s sure to get you into the spirit of the season! 

Supply List:

  • Straight Pen holder (H62) with 3 Nikko G nibs (N113), or your favorite nib
  • Martin’s Black Star India Ink, matte or hi-carb (I152, I159)
  • Martin’s Bleed Proof White (I38)
  • Dinky Dip with screw-on cap vials (S934)
  • Ruler, soft pencil, kneaded eraser (PL30, E09, S270)
  • A few Q-tips
  • A few colored pencils, holiday colors (PL28)
  • White colored pencil, or Fons & Porter White Mechanical Pencil (S769)
  • Micron Pigma pens, black (.03 or .05 size, M17)
  • Dropper bottle with water or plastic pipette (S1017)
  • Tracing paper, a few sheets
  • Canson Marker Layout paper pad, 9 x 12 (P113)
  • Watercolor paper, inexpensive pad, any size/kind (cut to various sizes, 3 x 5, 5 x 7, etc. Save Scraps! PA26, P113)
  • A few dark colored envelopes, like red, green, blue
  • A few sheets of colored cardstock, like red, green, blue
  • Small pan watercolor set, inexpensive ok (S609)
  • Paint brushes, and 1 old brush for mixing (Recommended: 000, 10/0, very small sizes) (BR26, BR43)
  • Coliro / FineTec Arabic gold watercolor single pan, or gold ink (S1000)
  • Plastic mixing tray or palette, or foam plate (S1094)
  • Water container or large cup (S1005)
  • Viva Paper towels
  • A few toothpicks
  • Bottle water
  • Matches

Optional Items:

  • Uniball Signo White Pen (M157) or Sakura Gelly roll white Pen (M61)
  • Sakura Gelly roll pens, 1 gold, 1 clear glitter (M96)
  • Stickles Glitter Glue, clear sparkle (or any glitter glue) (S3003)
  • Self-adhering craft rhinestones
  • Painter’s tape (blue or green) (S931)
  • Small paper cutter
  • Small light box (S1013, S939)


$17.95 $15.99
$8.02 $5.95