Kathy Milici - Modern Storybook Script 2 - September 27; October 1, 4, 8

Kathy Milici - Modern Storybook Script 2
September 27, October 1, 4, 8

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Modern Storybook Script 2 with Kathy Milici
Hosted by Calligraphy Crush Magazine

Dates:  September 27, October 1, 4, 8

Time: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: $195.00

Level: Intermediate (pointed pen experience needed)

To register: https://calligraphycrush.com/have-pens-will-dazzle/

Now that you've taken Modern Storybook Script (or you know any pointed pen modern lettering style), what do you do next? How do you organize your beautiful letters into a composition? Join Kathy to learn about creating dynamic layouts and compositions (even envelopes!) using your own style of script! Starting with ideas to pencil drafts to finish art, you'll learn how to create visually balanced and structured designs, based on a series of fun exercises. Small and large projects will be discussed. Don't miss this class, full of in-depth knowledge and loaded with tips and tricks!

Supply List:

Please bring the same supplies as in Modern Storybook Script, but ADD Part 2.

From Part 1:

Materials Needed:

  • Straight pen holder, Speedball, black plastic or your favorite holder (H69, H62)
  • 2 Nikko G nibs (make sure the nib fits in your holder) (N113)
  • Sumi Moon Palace Black Ink (I70)
  • Dinky Dip (S934)
  • Plastic pipette or dropper bottle (S141, S1017)
  • Borden & Riley Boris Marker Layout pad, 9x12 (P09-100)or Canson Marker ProLayout pad, 9x12 (P32)
  • Small bottle of water
  • A few Viva paper towels
  • Matches
  • 2 Paper Clips

ADD Part 2:

  • Martin’s Bleed Proof White (I38)
  • Black Gouache, small tube, any kind (SG27, WNG1)
  • Small container for mixing gouache (S844)
  • Old paintbrush (for mixing)
  • Plastic Pipette (S141, S1039)
  • Fons and Porter White Mechanical Pencil OR white colored pencil (S769)
  • Pencil, Kneaded Eraser, 12” Ruler (PL30, E09, S270)
  • Dinky Dip refill vials (if needed) (S934)
  • A few cotton swabs (for blending)
  • Tracing Paper, a few sheets
  • Your favorite paper OR colored card stock of your choice, 8 ½ X 11 (a few colors, light & dark, smooth surface, not textured)
  • Please cut into smaller sizes, like 3 x 5, 5 x 7, 8 x 10
  • A few colored envelopes, A7 size, or whatever size you have (black ok)


  • Extra nibs, if needed
  • Rhodia Grid Pad (orange cover) (P75)
  • Factis Black Eraser (E08)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll pens, any color or clear glitter, gold or silver (M96)
  • Colored Pencils, just a few colors (PL28)
  • Small Light Pad (A4 size is ok) (S1013, S939)