Catherine Langsdorf - Botanical Embellishments - October 25

Calligraphy Strokes with Catherine

Topic: Botanical Embellishments

Instructor: Catherine Langsdorf
This class is not hosted by John Neal Books

A workshop to explore calligraphic flourishes and decorative florals. Learn how to use a small modern, pointed brush marker to build up floral designs. Learning how to use and exploit the flexibility of a pointed brush on botanical embellishments will train the calligrapher’s hand for various alphabets. These details can be used in journals, cards, envelopes, and frame-able art. These skills will give you an understanding of important calligraphic skills. All levels welcome.

There will be 3 learning modules: learning the tool and some florals, creating botanical motifs and making wreaths/writing in a circle. There will be breaks between each. Handouts will be provided prior to workshop for students to print out. This will be interactive with time for questions and show and tell.

Examples of Catherine’s work on this topic can best be found on Instagram by searching #lvs_botanical

Must be a member of TCG, see

October 24, 2020 at 10:00 EST until 1:30

Sponsored by the Triangle Calligraphers’ Guild in Raleigh, NC

Supply List:


  1. Drawing tool – Black, Pigma Micron by Sakura | two sizes, 01 (.25mm) and 05 (.45mm) (M17)
  2. Brush marker - Pentel, Sign Pen Brush tip (be sure this is the flexible tip) | recommend three colors – black and two of your choice (M97)
  3. LePen Flex Brush Marker (M148)
  4.  Last resort: brush marker by Pitt, Faber-Castell, small size (M43)


  1. Canson Marker XL (purple cover), semi translucent, 18lb., 9” x 12” | 25 sheets for class

Alternate choice for paper – Bienfang Marker (P41)

  1. Tracing Paper (P43)
  2. Scrap piece of watercolor paper – hot press, 8.5” x 11” (PA110)
  3. Various envelopes

Watercolor supplies:

  1. Small round brush (size 2) and small container for water (BR30) (S784) (S1005)
  2. Watercolor pencils or Inktense (only if you already have these) (PL06) (PL08)

Other items to bring to class:

  1. Pencils – artist quality HB and 2B or 4B (S142)
  2. Eraser – Hi Polymer eraser or another artist quality (E13)
  3. Low tack tape (S931)
  4. Ruler (S798)
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