Lettering Bound with the Power of Practice with Janet Takahashi

What do you do with your lettering practice sheets? They are a powerful reference source for your study. We will break down the art of practice, effective note taking, and troubleshoot perfectionism. You will create three models, simple book craft structures to organize your loose sheets. Make your practice count and have fun!

Class Supplies
  • Pencil/ eraser (PL38, E13)
  • X-acto knife (S417)
  • ruler with metal straight edge for cutting against (S871)
  • cutting mat (S504)
  • triangle (S613)
  • awl or pushpin (S255)
  • scissors (S835)
  • glue stick (S391)
  • bone folder (S308)
  • two file folders
  • a few colored pencils (PL28)
Optional Supplies
  • Pair of bulldog clips for securing papers
  • shoe box lid

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