Letterworks 2017

LetterWorks Arts Conference

June 24 - July 1, 2017
The 36th International Lettering Arts Conference will be held at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. Over four hundred artists, educators, entrepreneurs, historians, authors, students, and hobbyists are expected to be in attendance.

Supply Lists are available by emailing: info@johnnealbooks.com

The Versal & The Book - Gemma Black
Master Class in Copperplate: Dressed Up & Dancing the Night Away - Pat Blair
From Nib to Brush: Foundations of Pointed Brush Lettering - Barbara Calzolari
Combining Word & Image - Annie Cicale
Pointed Pen with an Attitude - Barbara Close
Think It, Paint It, Write It - Barbara Close
Spencerian Lettering - Harvest Crittenden
All That Glitters - Harvest Crittenden
Beginning Modern Script Variations - Suzanne Cunningham
Beginning Copperplate Script - Suzanne Cunningham
Folded Pen Adventures - Carol DuBosch
BONE: Bookhand with a Twist - Carol DuBosch
Digitizing Calligraphy - Melissa Esplin
Lettering on the Dark Side - Connie Furgason
Dimensional Calligraphy - Sharon Hanse
Metal Magic - Sharon Hanse
Calligraphic Painting on Canvas - Randall Hasson
Dancin' Pen - Carrie Imai
Brush Fiesta - Yves Leterme
Painting Poetry - Sherrie Lovler
Big Magic: Taking Calligraphy Out of the Box - Sherrie Lovler
Studies in Contrast: Exploring Juxtaposition in Lettering Design - Suzanne Moore
Creating Small Artworks with Monoline Writing - Carol Pallesen
The Greatest Cards on Earth - Carol Pallesen
GrayScale – Exploring Graphite Lettering from Small and Delicate to Big and Bold - Amity Parks
Be Fearless – Ways of Working Without Worry - Amity Parks
The Art of Chalkboard Lettering - Cora Pearl
Hand Drawn Letters with the Folded Pen - Cora Pearl
Spice It Up! With Colored Pencils - Jane Shibata
Uncialicious - Jane Shibata
Too Much Fun Journaling - DeAnn Singh
Scrumptious Surfaces - Jacqueline Sullivan
Driven to Calligraphic Abstraction - Jacqueline Sullivan
Celtic Script - Mark Van Stone
The Glory of Written Forms of the World - Mark Van Stone
Studio Works - Diane von Arx
Johann Neudorffer: The Father of Fraktur - Julian Waters
Rudo Spemann's Textura Variations - Julian Waters
Modernizing Carolingian & Uncials - Sheila Waters
Gothicized Italic and Modern Batarde - Sheila Waters