Kristen Doty - Italic Refinement

Supplies needed:

  • Slant Board (or drawing board & books to prop up top end) (S156) (S752)
  • T-square (S753)
  • Pencil: mechanical pencil 0.5mm HB (PL21)
  • Eraser: soft white - Pentel Click Eraser is excellent (E06)
  • Speedball nibs: C-3 and C-4, Mitchell nibs: #2½ and #3 + reservoir(s) (N04) (N09) (N07)
  • Nib holder(s) (H129) (H104) (H133)
  • Nib loading brush (BR43)
  • Ink: Higgins Eternal or walnut ink, or your favorite sumi or other dark ink, (I145) (I70) (I08)
  • Paper: Letter size (P25)
  • Tape: Blue painter’s tape, OR drafting tape OR artist’s tape OR drafting dots (S931)
  • Scrap or sheet of paper as a handguard (~8.5” x 5” copy bond cut/folded in half)
  • Pen Wipe rag or paper towels (S817)
  • Small water container (S1005)
  • Apron (APRN41) (APRN38) (APRN42)
  • Handouts via pdf – printed and ready for reference.
  • Optional: Fun Foam or foam sheet 12” x 18’’ – White (preferred color), or a few additional sheets of paper, Linex lettering guide, Large adjustable triangle, Lightbox (S939), Nib rest, Handi-Tack mounting putty