Kathy Barker - Glorious Gothicized Italic

Glorious Gothicized Italic with Kathy Barker

Please add product LOJ2022 (below) to your cart for Letters of Joy supply orders.
You are encouraged to order early. Orders must be received by April 21, 2022 to be received in time for the event.

Supply List:

  • 3.8 mm Black Parallel pen (FP67)
  • Canson XL Marker layout paper (suggested 9" X 12") or other translucent layout paper. (P32) (P09-50)
  • 0.5 Mechanical pencil (or other sharpened HB (2B) graphite drawing pencil) (PL21)
  • 18" C-thru ruler (S944)
  • Optional: Watercolor palette (S609), brush (BR26), water container (S1005) ... or colored pencils (PL28) (PL05)