Schin Loong - Calligraphic Drawing - Sept 20, 23, 27 & 30

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Calligraphic Drawing
With Schin Loong

Live online course via Zoom

Sep 20, 23, 27 & 30
10am California Time

10 hours total: 
2 hours per session
+ 30 minute Q&A
(all recordings available through Oct 30)

What you'll learn:

  • Recommended tools and techniques for creating flowing and delicate calligraphic flourishes
  • Pen exercises to achieve the freedom of movement required for creating lively and graceful strokes
  • Step by step skills to the pictorial side of calligraphy, walking you through the basic strokes and flourishes and then using them to create the shapes of your drawing subject.
  • How to incorporate text into your calligraphic drawings to create art quotes or show-stopper envelopes
  • Problem solving and trouble shooting to help you through those frustrating moments
  • How to create your own template of any shape (animal, people, objects) and transform it into a stunning piece of art using flourishes

Cost: $195

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  • Calligraphy quality paper (i.e. Canson Marker Paper (P32), HP Premium 32, Strathmore 25% or 100%, John Neal Books practice paper (P20, P25), Rhodia (P53), Staples paper 73333)
  • Your favorite pointed pen nib and holder (straight or oblique) (N69, N113, N118, N93, N72) (H113, H114, H152, H133, H134, H62)
  • Ink (recommended: walnut, sumi, iron gall, or gouache) (I145, I70, I54, WNG1, SG27)
  • Inkwell: drawing using a lot of ink (S853, S1135, S801)
  • Light pad: optional but helpful (S1013, S939)
  • Internet connection!
  • A quiet space to focus

You may also choose to participate with pencil or a brush pen!