Linda Schneider - The Graceful Marker

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The Graceful Marker: Pointed Brush Script

Linda Schneider

1-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome



Have you ever wished you could have your pointed or broad edge pen when you were away from home to practice or make a gift?

Beautiful Color Calligraphy on almost anything, anytime, any place!

The beauty of this tool is you can leave your dipped pointed pen at home, carry the brush markers with you to practice, write thank you notes on location, and write people’s names as immediate gifts. People will be amazed just watching you create outside your studio! We will focus on practicing while learning to write those notes using different designs and formats for different situations. The purpose is to put smiles on peoples faces, when they see their name in calligraphy and the plus is you get to practice one more time. Remember practice makes perfect. I will be demonstrating using the pointed brush pen for designs and flourishing with lettering but a broad edge marker can be used for lettering script if you prefer. We will also learn some ornate pictorial flourishes that can go with your lettering. You will have lots of handouts so you can continue to learn at home. Just think no pen holders, nibs or ink to spill! Every color in the rainbow can be used without a mess and it is inexpensive and addictive because the possibilities are endless. For beginners to advanced students. Some calligraphy experience preferred but not mandatory, creative imagination encouraged, willingness to have fun required.



  • Pentel Sign Pen Brush Tip- flexible- any one color or all colors. (M97)
  • Boris Layout Pad 50 Sheets (P09-50)
  • One PITT Faber-Castell fine brush marker #270 warm grey if you can’t find this one any light grey fine brush marker will work. (M43)
  • One Clear sparkle Jelly Roll Sakura Pen (M96)
  • HB or soft lead, eraser (E13)
  • Printer bond paper or scrap paper for practice
  • Ruler (S798)