Lubna Zahid I Painting Landscapes in Watercolor - December 5

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Painting Landscapes in Watercolor

Saturday, Dec. 5

  1. Paper - Watercolor paper pad Strathmore 140 lbs cold pressed, 11” x 14”
  2. Brushes - Sable or Synthetic blend #1, 3, 5 & 8 or closer sizes, Round pointed (BR26) (BR30) Make sure that the round brushes form a good point and spring back to shape when wet
  3. Paints - Any good quality watercolors Suggested brand: Winsor & Newton’s Watercolor pan set.           
    Click here for our full supply of watercolors.
  4. Palette With large mixing areas or an old white dinner plate (S747)
  1. Two small containers for water (S784)
  2. Graphite pencil (PL31)
  3. Soft white eraser (E29)
  4. Paper towels (S817)