Luca Barcellona

Blackletter with Luca Barcellona
1 pad A3 (or bigger) of Canson Bleedproof or other paper for ink practice such as Fabriano Accademia or similar: no more than 100 gsm, as the paper must be transparent enough to see the guidelines. Paper must not be extremely smooth and repellent or too rough and absorbing. (P70)
A few larger sheets of bleedproof or similar paper to work with larger tools
2-3 pieces of black paper (50x70cm) of any of Canson, Ingres, Hahnemuhle, Fabriano Artistico. We need a good coloured paper, not too rough, to start a definitive artwork using automatic pen or other tools with gouache. (PS05, PS22-BLK)
3-4 Sheets of large format Brown paper – refer to image below to make sure you buy the right one - (50x70cm) or more; brown paper with the small lines running across the sheets (not the craft paper as that is too absorbent) (Not available in the US)
A small text for your final artwork

1 Pilot parallel pen 6mm (blue cap) and black/red ink cartridges. (FP67)
Automatic Pen # 4 / # 5 or 6mm wide Pilot Parallel Pen (the one with the blue cap) and 3.8mm (green cap, optional). (N27)
Two 2B pencils, rubber bands and a 2H pencil. (S142)
3mm nib (and other widths as you prefer to use) (N02, N04)
Selection of chisel tools (as you prefer to use)
And if you already have any of the following: thick cardboard (you can use the back of a paper pad), sticks, reeds and anything else!

1 bottle Black ink (any of Pelikan 4001 (I04), Parker Quink, Higgins Eternal (I08), Mont Blanc (bring a fountain pen thinner ink and avoid "Calligraphy ink") 1 tube black gouache, 1 tube white gouache and a few colors of gouache in your colour choice. (Avoid inexpensive brands. Preferal brands are Winsor & Newton, Schmincke, Talens, or Linel (Click HERE for our Gouache.)

Masking tape (S931), T-square (S753), ruler (metal or plastic) (S271), eraser (E13), cutter/craft knife(S417), glue (S391).
Deeper palettes for color mixing (S120-30)
Glue and cutter
A small text/quotes that you'd like to write for the definitive artwork
A container for water and small containers with a cap (glass or plastic) (S844) to prepare the gouache colour.
A lint free cloth for wiping pen.
Notebook for taking notes (if you wish)

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