Malka Klein (@malkaklein) - Intro to Broad Edge Flourishing - Ongoing

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Intro to Broad Edge Flourishing by Malka Klein @malkaklein

Did you know that flourishing can be adapted to broad edge calligraphy? Flowing flourishes can be added to seemingly rigid broad edge hands to add flair and creativity. Malka will teach you to follow the rules and then find ways to approach them from your unique viewpoint.


Cost: Access to all current classes $19 per month, $17 if paid annually

Pre-recorded classes: available until January 16th

Supply List:

  • Pilot Parallel Pens —set of 4 pens(FP67-S)
  • Tracing paper—Borden & Riley (P43) or Canson Artist tracing pads (P112)
  • Ruler—Wescott 12” ruler (S871)