Marina Soria - Empty Space, Womb of Shape

Marina is teaching her online calligraphy workshop “The empty space, womb of shape” in August. 
A 6-Lesson Online Course. August 20, 27 & September 3, 10, 17, 24
1-hour Zoom meeting: 10AM Sydney TIME, 9PM Buenos Aires & 8AM Perth.
Registration begins August 13th. 
If you are interested please contact her through email to
John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

My workshop will be given in English and it´s not necessary to attend the Zoom meetings, you may perfectly follow the course by only following the PREZI presentations in proper order in your own time frame.

You will need to bring a couple of your favorite experimental alphabets you could have developed in some other workshop or a formal calligraphy with a personal twist. Remember that we will not create an alphabet but work with the space and composition issues.


Some of your favorite tools: ruling pen, cola pen, folded pen, Automatic pens, nibs and any tool you may have used to perform your personal alphabet. (N22, N30, N208, N27)


Medium-sized brushes (# in between 3 and 6) and a thin one to draw contours or outline. (BR26)


Bottle of Black Sumi (I70) Or 2-3 single tubes of preferably dark color gouaches, the ones you like best, White gouache. view selection of Gouache HERE


Layout paper preferably a thin one so that you may see through. We will do several pieces amongst them a sculpture book so we will need a good quality paper as well. (P32)

You may purchase your paper in the form of a block or separate sheets but if you chose the block, nevertheless you will need two big sheets of paper of around 56 x 76 cm (22”x 30”)

1. Characteristics of the paper block:

- Watercolor Paper.

- Size: 24 x 32 cm (9”x 12”) or A4 or letter.

- Weight: 90 lbs or 185g/m2. Underneath 300gs

- Color: Natural white or off white.

- Surface: medium or smooth texture.

- Preferably separate sheets not glued on all four

sides or separate them before the class.

2. If you chose the big sheets you will need four sheets of Arches Text Wove, 120 gsm.

Arches or something alike. Remember Underneath 300gs (PS01-FS, PS104-FS)


One needle for a simple Japanese binding. Thread, matching the color gouache you have chosen. (S825)

Awl. (S255) 

Clips to hold paper on place while binding.

A straight edge metallic ruler. (S270, S271)


A portable light table would be very useful, if you don't have one you could use a portable easel with a light underneath to be able to trace in a comfortable way. (S156, S160)

Pencil, color pencils, eraser. (PL21, PL05, E13)

Palette for mixing colors and paper towels; tape. (S679, S817)

Scissors (S835) 

Good cutter or Exacto knife (S417, S130)

Glue stick (S391)

Fiber tip pens for quick writing and contour delineate (M17)

Two or three short poems, haikus, quotes or even your own words will do.

Depending on your final projects you could need extra paper and supplies. Will be discussed in class

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