Monica Dengo - The Artist Book As A Bridge Between Drawing and Writing - July

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The Artist Book as a Bridge Between Drawing and Writing

From July 3rd to July 25th

Starting from the drawing of a plant, we will see how the experiences of drawing and writing can inform each other.

Both drawings and writings will become abstract shapes and lines moving in the space according to rhythm and visual balances/imbalances.

Students will work in groups and exchange ideas to be used as legible text in each student's artist book.

The final artist book will be therefore a combination of abstract lines and shapes along with some legible text.

Students will be constantly guided by the teacher during the whole month's work.

€300 (payment via Paypal only)


The class is live, with 8 meetings over four weekends, each meeting is two hours long.

Students will be in contact with the teacher from July 3 to July 25 through Telegram.

Photos can be sent to the teacher for individual comments during the whole three weeks’ time.

There are no recordings.


July 3/4, 10/11, 17/18, 24/25, 2021

5pm to 7pm (Rome time zone)


  • (P108) - A4 (210x297mm) drawing pad.
  • (PS01) - 6 sheets of Arches Velin 20"x25", 120grams. 
  • (PS01) - extra sheets of Arches Velin 20"x25", 120grams - optional
  • (P112) - Tracing paper 11"x14"
  • (I70) - Black sumi ink - minimum 6oz.
  • (WNWC2)(WNWC1) (WNWC3) (WNWC4) - Watercolors in tube: 
  • (WNG1) (WNG2) (WNG3) (WNG4) 2 tubes 5ml of the same color of your choice
  • (BR60) - One flat brush, any kind, about 12mm width.
  • (BR38) Two pointed brushes, one n.7
  • (S699) - Removable tape
  • Wooden sticks or small branches (any found piece of branch) 
  • (S826) (S825) Thread (if you don’t have bookbinding thread, any thread can do, even kitchen twine)
  • (S1005) Containers for ink, water and watercolor (I use jam jars)
  • a rag or two
  • (S417) bookbinding knife (or a knife with a smooth blade)
  • Double tape
  • smartphone for photos