Mike Gold - Letters and Scissors and Paste, Oh My! - April 6 through 27

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Letters and Scissors and Paste, Oh My!
With Mike Gold
Hosted by LetsLetterTogether.com

Live Sessions
Four instructional sessions:
Wednesdays, April 6–27, Noon–2pm MDT
Bonus Live Sessions! Student reviews:
Monday, April 18 & Monday, May 2, 5:00–6:00pm MDT

This workshop series with Mike Gold focuses less on pen and ink and more on cutting and pasting. So, if you want to try something different, this might be just the thing for you as we focus on building cut paper and collage lettering-based compositions.

We will look at some of the principles and ideas that guided Picasso, Matisse and others to create contemporary calligraphic art. Collage was key to both Picasso and Matisse in developing their work and modernist visual vocabulary and we will use it here, too. The work of master calligraphers Hans-Joachim Burgert and Myrlin von Glahn will be also be examined and used as inspiration. Each of the exercises will explore non-traditional layout and design using letters as shapes, textures and design elements. Demonstrations and handouts will guide you through the work.

You will come away with:
- Four artworks that feature cut paper and collage (two of each).
- A better understanding of composition, layout and design.
- Knowledge of the supplies, tools and methods for creating letter-based cut paper and collage designs.
- Handouts that will provide images and text designed to guide you through the exercises and in post-workshop work.

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$175 after 3/23

Session Recordings and Materials
All sessions will be recorded and stored on the www.LetsLetterTogether.com platform. You can access recordings, supply lists, and bonus materials within your Library after you register through April 2023.


Questions? Concerns? Please email heather@heathermartinez.com.


Pre-work (Optional)
Collage exercise: I recommend lightweight pre-painted papers in a variety of colors, some with some subtle textures, writing, etc.; I often paint pages out of the phonebook, annual report or investment documents or old books). Other items that might be useful: old postage stamps, anything to make textures. Acetate or tracing paper might be useful if you want to cut out stencils to roll or sponge on paint.


  • 80# Strathmore 400 Drawing Pad, 11"x14" (P100)
  • Pack of four 11"x14" sheets Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Board (illustration board will also work—you will need at least 2 sheets)
  • At least two 11"x14" sheets cold press watercolor paper (I like Arches 140 lb., but 300 lb. is good too) (PS48)
  • Palette paper (I like Strathmore 9"x12") (P365)
  • Tracing Paper Pad (11"x14") (P112)
  • Saral Transfer Paper, Graphite (comes in a roll, 12"x12") (S612)
  • Papers for collage (see Pre-work recommendations)

Inks, Paints, etc.

  • Black calligraphy ink, such as Higgins Eternal (or comparable); Sumi ink (I like Yasutomo or Moon Palace) (I08) (I24-2) (I24-6) (I70)
  • Gouache (3-4 favorite colors plus white and black) (WNG1) (WNG2) (WNG3) (WNG4)
  • Acrylic paints (3-4 favorite colors plus white and black)

Tools, Paste, etc.

  • A variety of favorite calligraphy tools (broad edge nibs, pointed pens, automatic pens, ruling pens, etc.)  JNB Writing Tools
  • Favorite flat and pointed brushes (for applying gouache and acrylic) JNB Brushes
  • Glues (I use Sobo, Yes Paste, Matte Medium and Elmer's Art Paste) (S203)
  • Glue brushes
  • Scissors 
  • X-acto with #11 blades (S417) (S130)
  • Cutting mat (S504)
  • Marbled papers, assortment (8-1/2"x11" to 9"x12" recommended)
  • Text, poem or quote you’d like to work with


  • 3" or 4" soft rubber brayer 
  • Metallic gouache (I like Schminke) (SG27) (SG893-F) (SG894-F)
  • White calligraphy ink (I like Dr. Martin’s Bleedproof White, which I sometimes mix with Permanent White gouache for extra opacity and flow) (I38) (WNG1)
  • Color pencils (Prismacolor are best) and/or dry pastels (a few colors)—I will have some to share (PL05) (PL28) (S981)
  • 11x14 Dura-Lar wet media film, 11"x14" pad (I use it to see how textures, colors or lettering looks on a design or collage) 
  • Pentel Color Brush (I actually use them to dip in both Sumi and Higgins ink and gouache) (FP57)
  • Pentel Aquash Water Brush (I will often use this for applying gouache and watercolor) (FP93)
  • Cheap Chinese pointed brushes (optional, but nice to have)