Michele Nidenoff - Decorative Borders with Simple Tools

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Decorative Borders with Simple Tools

Mini-class (90-Minutes)

Saturday, July 3 at 12:30 PM CDT

All Skill Levels Welcome
Design • Drawing • Painting


Looking for a way to liven up a calligraphic piece? A simple way to decorate a text is with a border. This Mini Class includes borders made with a broad-edged nib, Celtic Knotwork, vine work with leaves and flowers using both historical and contemporary references, acanthus leaves, incorporating borders into initial letters and a bit of page design.


  • Broad-edged calligraphy pen or marker of your choice (N02) (N04) (M55-S3)
  • A few colored pencils (in colors suitable for flowers and vines) (PL05, PL28) and/or monoline markers in different colors
  • Grid or plain paper (P22, P25)
  • Pencil, ruler, eraser (PL38, S270, E13,)
  • If using watercolor instead of colored pencils you will need:
  • Two or three small pieces of watercolor paper, can be hot or cold press (PA110) (PA42)
  •  Watercolors in tubes or pans (in colors suitable for flowers and vines) (S609, S1032, S1000, WNWC1)
  • Palette (if using tubes) (S679, S1091, S747, S1094)
  • Fine watercolor brushes, size 1 and 3 or 4 (BR26)
  • Mixing brush (BR43)
  • Water containers, paper towel (S1005)