Pointed Brush Experience

The pointed brush is a great tool to explore both traditional and non-traditional lettering and has applications for both commercial and fine art. Participants will experiment with synthetic and natural hair brushes in order to see the benefits and uses of each. We will practice with various inks and paints and try out different writing surfaces. We will begin with a basic pointed brush alphabet and go on to explore various ways to modify and develop pointed brush letters into readable and more abstract forms. There will be a variety of exercises focusing on ways to create both traditional and non-traditional compositions using brush lettering.

Supply List
  • At least six 11"x14" sheets of Arches Text Wove or comparable (PS01-PKT)
  • At least two 11"x14" sheets cold press watercolor paper (Mike likes Arches 90 or 140lb) (PA41-4)
  • 11"x14" Tracing Paper Pad (P43)
  • Black calligraphy ink, such as Higgins Eternal (or comparable) (I08); Sumi ink (Mike likes Yasutomo or Moon Palace) (I70)
  • Walnut ink (I150)
  • White calligraphy ink (Mike likes a mix of Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White or Pro White and Permanent White gouache) (I38, I62, WNG1)
  • A few colot inks: I recommend Dr. Martin's Tech Drawing inks. Note: Dr. Martin's Bombay waterproof India ink and/or any color inks with eye dropper top will also do, even if acrylic inks. (Mike will have some to share) (I09, I13)
  • Colored pencils: Prismacolor (PL05) or Derwent Intense (S776), and/or dry pastels (a few colors) (S981, S952) - optional, but good to have (Mike will have some to share)
  • Some favorite gouaches (WNG1, WNG2, WNG3, WNG4)
  • Assortment of your favorite broad-edge (N02, N04), pointed and miscellaneous calligraphy pens (N113, N118, N93)
  • Pentel Color Brush (non-pigmented ink) (FP57)
  • Any pointed brushes you have (BR26, BR22)
  • Recommended: Series 7 Winsor & Newton #3 Pointed Brush (not required, it's expensive) (BR28)
  • Watercolor set (if you don't have this, gouache or tubes of watercolor will work) (S609, S1032)
  • Water container (S1005)
  • Apron (APRN41, APRN42)
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