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Date : 7 & 14 November 2020 (Saturday)

Time : 10:15 am - 14:00 pm (Hong Kong Time)

Fees : HKD 1,400.00 / USD 180.00

Traditionally, Spencerian Script was written using a rapid motion. This style of movement writing was how they managed to create the unbelievably beautiful specimens we now study. In this class we will start from square one and train our muscles to flow graciously from form to form driven by the larger muscles of our upper arm and back, rather than using our fingers to draw out the letters. When combined with a rhythmic flow, this will give out writing a uniform beautiful appearance. From there we will go further and explore accent flourishes, designed with our movement in mind to best add character and an artistic flare to our writing. Students will be taught to execute Spencerian using new muscles and movements. Topics will cover use of muscles, whole arm movement, rhythm, line integrity, oval symmetry, accent flourishing, density and balance. For overseas students are welcome as well and recording will be sent to you after the workshop and you can view it at your own time for a dedicated time period.

Supply List :

  • Oblique Pen Holder (Click here for our entire selection)
  • Flexible Nib of Choice (ie. Hunt 101, Leonardt Principal EF, Gillott 303, Nikko G) (N77) (N113) (N120) (N72)
  • Ink of Choice (eg. Walnut ink) (I145) (I53) (I70)
  • Blank Paper of Choice (eg. Rhodia Pad, or similar) (P53) (P25)