Rosie Huart I Connecting Art and Spirit - October 16, 17, 18 OR November 13, 14, 15

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Connecting Art & Spirit: Mindful Markmaking
Description: Within each spirit there is a connection to something greater than yourself and the soul of the artist is the sanctuary where creativity and connection abide. This art retreat is designed to implement expressive ways of encountering your soul’s journey with the use of mixed media, non-traditional mark-making tools, as well as traditional ones. Each day there will be a morning meditation, a poetry reading to jump start your creativity and a demo using a variety of art techniques in order to create journal pages for a simple book construction. Participants will strengthen their artistic selves and discover creative ways of nurturing their spirit.
Cost: $95 USD
The class is presented live and has no recordings.
Choose either October 16, 17, 18 OR November 13, 14, 15. 11 AM-1 PM EST

Supply List:
* Bring an item for our virtual altar that is meaningful or represents you in some way.
* 90# Watercolor paper (5 sheets 9”x12”) plus a few extra for practice (PA42)
* Brushes suited for medium (I use Silver Brush for acrylics and watercolor) — Use a cheap brush or sponge brush for matte medium. Never use your watercolor brushes with acrylics.
* Non-traditional tools ie., balsa wood, credit card, twig, seashell, grape stem, sponge, etc.
* Masking tape or Artist tape at least ½” (S931)
* Bone folder (S308)
* White tissue paper
* Calligraphy tool kit such as nibs, pens, inks, etc.
* A couple of stencils
* China marker, candle or piece of paraffin (S916)
* Palette (S679)
* Soft paper for cover, ie., oriental, handmade, Arches Black Cover, (any soft paper that folds easily)-height of the spine in inches x 20”wide. I prefer Arches Black Cover. (PS90)
* Journal/Pencil/Pen for notes
* 18” Ruler (S271)
* Heavy brick or books (something to use for a heavy weight)
* Choice of watercolors or acrylics (I use Golden QoR watercolors) (WNWC1) (S609)
* Soft gum eraser (no pencil erasers) (E14)
* Gesso (white) (S677) (S678)
* Matte Medium
* Water container (S1005)
* Paper Towels (S817)
* UHU glue stick (archival—lightfast) Must have! (S391)
* 2 Binder Clips
* Wax paper or deli sheets
* Palette knife
* Small spray bottle for water (S836)
* Hair dryer

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