Mike Kecseg - Pointed Pen Variations

This class is part of the 2021 IAMPETH Annual Conference. This class is not sponsored by John Neal Books.

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Mike Kecseg

Pointed Pen Variations

Class Supplies

  • 4-5 Pointed pen nibs (examples: Hunt #101 or Gillott #303 or Hiro #41 or Nikko “G” or Leonardt EF Principal or your favorite nib) (N72) (N77) (N113) (N81) (N120)
  • Oblique pen holder (H113)
  • Straight pen holder (H104)
  • Black ink (examples: Higgins Eternal or McCaffrey’s or Moon Palace Sumi or ink stick and grinding stone or your favorite ink) (I70) (I08) (I37)
  • Graph paper with 1/8” squares. (P22)
  • Soft Pencil (example: 2B or 3B) (PL38)
  • Straight edge (S270)
  • Protractor or adjustable triangle (S632) (S924) ,
  • Mixing tray or mixing cups, Mixing brush (S679) (BR43)
  • A few paper towels (S817)
  • Small water container or bottle (S1005)


Optional Supplies

  • 1-2 sheets or half sheets of a quality art paper. Size of the paper is unimportant but at least 8 1/2” X 11” (examples: Arches HP watercolor paper, Canson Mi Tientes or Diploma Parchment or your favorite art paper. Note: Diploma Parchment is no longer made.) (PA42) (PA110)
  • White gouache, ink, or Dr. PH Martin’s Bleed Proof White) (I38)
  • gouache or ink (colors of your choice) (WNG1) (WNG2) (WNG3) (WNG4)
  • drawing board (S690)
  • T-square (S753)