Cherryl Moote - Byzantosh | July 6, 9, & 10

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Byzantosh with Cherryl Moote
July 6, 9, & 10
This three session workshop is designed to teach you the basic letterforms in pencil, help you graduate to making the letters with a variety of calligraphy pens and then introduce you to a plethora of or ideas for using the letters in your own work. This class is for absolute beginners just getting started with lettering and to encourage more seasoned calligraphers to explore new ways of using letterforms.

Session One
  • 2B pencil and sharpener (PL38, PL13)
  • mechanical pencil (PL21)
  • kneadable eraser (E09)

Session Two
  • Jar of clean water
  • small clean sponge
  • few paper towels (S817)
  • brush with stiff bristles for loading ink (hog hair perhaps) (BR43)
  • couple of small dishes or a pallette for mixing (S679)
One or more of the following
  • Hiro 41 nib in a holder or a similar pointed dip nib (N82, H114)
  • fountain pen and suitable ink (FP118, FP69)
  • Speedball B series nib preferably a size 3 or 4 (B3, B4) and a holder (N16, H111)
  • walnut ink crystals (S449)
  • tube of gouache and a mixing dish (not earth tones) (WNG1, WND2, WNG3, WNG4, S679)
  • sumi ink (I70)
  • Higgins Eternal (I08)
  • pad of drawing paper with a little tooth (P100)
  • few sheets of a heavier weight printing paper
  • few letter size pieces of Arche Text Wove or similar paper (PA03)
  • few Zentangle tiles
  • various small pieces of art papers
  • watercolour paper scraps you may have
  • jar of gum arabic (I85)

Session Three
  • Speedball B series nib (like a B3 or B4) and holder (N16, H111)
  • Dr. Martins Bleedproof White and/or Pen White (I38)
  • pad or pieces of black art paper such as Canson MiTientes, Strathmore Artagain or any heavy black paper with tooth) (PS61, P58)
  • clean palette or small jar (S679, S844)
  • clean water
  • clean mixing brush to dedicate to white (BR43)
  • few qtips or tooth picks
  • a handful of coloured pencils (PL28, PL05)
  • Molotow refillable marker in size 2mm (M151)
  • clean pipette (S1039)
  • gel pens you like (M76)
  • pan pastels or chalk pastels you own (S885, S981)
  • micron or fine line pen (M17)
  • small pieces of dark art papers
  • white mechanical quilters marking pencil (also known as a ceramic pencil) (S769)
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