Massimo Polello - Blue Workshop - Jan 19, 21, 22

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Why is Blue so popular? What attracts us to it so strongly? More its spirituality, melancholy, depth, purity, happiness? In this workshop we will use only blue as a color: Indigo, Prussian, ultramarine.Acrylics, inks, textile dying color, powder pigments, gesso, and several dying technics for background on paper will be used to get a spiritual atmosphere to integrate perfectly our calligraphy afterword.

In combination with the blue backgrounds we will explore and focusing on the expressivity of the calligraphic line and variations of romans letters. At the end we will write and bind our personal “Blue Book”



WEDNESDAY  19  JANUARY 2022 at 6pm Italy-Rome Time Zone CET

FRIDAY  21  JANUARY 2022 at 6pm Italy-Rome Time Zone CET

SATURDAY  22  JANUARY 2022 at 6pm Italy-Rome Time Zone CET



  • ALL OF YOUR USUAL and FAVORITE “UNUSUAL” TOOLS (folding pens, ruling pens, etc…) (N211) (N155)
  • 1 mm Brause nib to have (or C/5 Speedball) (N02) (N09)
  • POINTED PEN FLEXIBLE NIB: any kind and brand of your favorite pen you use for your Copperplate (N113) (N120)
  • 1 FLAT BRUSH approx 60mm/3 inches wide (very flat) 


  • PIGMENTS POWDERS all your favorites blue pigments such Prussian Blue, Natural Indigo, Ultramarine, Sodalite genuine, ...... 
  •  a 60/100 ml. bottle of Gum Arabic (I84)
  • Acrylic Blue night ( dark blue) any brand 
  • textile dye color in powder (for washing machine)
  • Gouache extra fine any color at your preference it contraste well with blue like ochre, white, gold, silver... (WNG1) (WNG2) (WNG3) (WNG4) (SG27)
  • INKS blue, black, walnut  (I08) (I145) (I59)
  • Acrylic Gesso (S677)
  • bookbinding needles (S213) and thread (S352), bone folder (S308)

PAPER: at least 5 large sheets of PRINTMAKING PAPER approximately 50x70 cm (20x27 inches), not more then 165/180 gsm. SUGGESTED BRANDS: Arches Text Wove (or called Velin) Hahnemhule, Rives BFK. (These will be for your exercises and therefore will be your book pages) (PS01) (PS107)

  • 2 full sheets of Mi-Teinte dark color or similar around 180/200 gsm for your cover book. (PS00) (PS61)
  • a plastic sheet to protect your work table