Massimo Polello - CALLIGRAPHY FROM PAST TO ABSTRACTION - November 20, 27 - December 18

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

CALLIGRAPHY FROM PAST TO ABSTRACTION with Massimo Polello, hosted by Portland Society for Calligraphy

In this workshop from lettering artist and designer Massimo Polello, students will create a new and personal alphabet based on study of old Italian manuscripts. Students will pay attention to the rhythm, ligatures, spacing, characteristics, and uniqueness of the chosen letter style. Building on skills, new life will be breathed into these classic forms. The end result will be a booklet of student practice pieces.

Saturdays, November 20, and then November 27 - December 18, 2021, 9:00-11:30am (PST)

Cost: $130 PSC Members/$160 non-members

Live online class using the Zoom Platform

Materials List:

  • Basic supplies for drawing : guidelines, eraser, pencils, ruler (E13) (PL38) (S270)
  • Calligraphy tools: broad edged nibs in different size from 1to 5mm (any type, Brause 1-5mm N02, Speedball C/1 or C/2 N09, Mitchell N04), ornament pen size 2/3 mm (N130), automatic-pen size 5 or 4 (N27), cola pen (N155), ruling-pen (N22), handmade tools
  • A small round pointed brush (“Aquash” brush is very fine, Chinese brush ) diameter size 3 or 4 mm (BR26)
  • 2 plastic/glass glasses, some plastic dishes (S1005)
  • a piece of Balsa wood (or hard cardboard): 2 cm wide – 3mm thick – 10 cm long
  • Inks: walnut (S449/S450), black, waterproof or not (like Quink)
  • Colors: gouaches (extra-fine quality…include white), water-colors, acrylic inks….. whatever you have on hand. (WNG1) (WNWC1) (I28) (SG27)
  • sketch pad-block Tabloid (11 x 17”) size half rough paper 90gr/m (recommended Canson XL; in Europe: Skizz Block,West winds Pad ) , or simple office/copy paper at least 50 sheets. (P108) (P20)
  • at least 8 sheets good quality maximum 180 gsm size around 50x 70 cm/18 x 24 inches (PS00) (recommended: Arches Text Wove (PS01), Canson Mi-teinte (PS61) , or Fabriano Artistico….whatever you already have), a sample light colors as you prefer
  • 1or 2 sheets heavy paper around 250/300 gsm for the book cover (dark color) size 50x70 cm/18 x 24 inches or more
  • 2 or 3 sheets black paper 50x70 cm/18 x 24 inches (PS22) (PS113)
  • Book making materials (needles, wire, bone folder…) (S213) (S308) (S825)
  • Some personal short texts/quotes to be chosen carefully