Massimo Polello - My Calligraphy Book - June 4

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Binding a book is magic. It is putting together, connecting in a single object many sheets and many ideas contained in each of them. In a calligraphy workshops many sheets are normally produced, based on a path proposed by the teacher. At the end, you have the feeling of having many ideas on our table disconnected from each other and a feeling of chaos. I generally propose in my courses to bind a book at the end, precisely because metaphorically instead all the ideas and discoveries arising from the path are "connected" together.

In this short but intensive 3 hours online workshop I would like to propose this method that you can apply in all of your future workshop.

After an experimental calligraphic journey that starts from some Arabic and Latin letters, using different tools and transformations, I will guide you to experience some interesting and suggestive backgrounds for your calligraphy.

Afterward, in the second part of the course, all the exercises sheets made during this lesson will then be used to bind a beautiful book with an embossed cover. 

Your PERSONAL art book!


This workshop is open to all levels.

DATES AND TIME : FRIDAY  4 JUNE at 5pm Italy-Rome Time Zone

- just one day, 3 hours full lesson, with 15 minute break in between 

- If you won’t be able attend live or you want this class video recorded, you can register as you will be on live. After the lesson you will get a link for the recording with no time limit to watch it. You will watch it later when you want.

-  recorded video of the  lessons will be available after classes with no time limit to watch them for everybody will attend live. 

- handout and instructional sheets for the entire session will be provided

- free support after the class (by email) for one month after the lesson



It won't be necessary to work during the live demonstration but, of course, you can practice with me and take notes if you want to or pose your questions on live to me during the class.

You won’t bind the book and make the the embossed cover during the lesson, but I will show you how to do and provide you full instructions and to do with calm with your time. You will do it later when you will have time. 

In this way It is not necessary also have all of the materials of the list here for the day of live session, above all the ones for the book.

Once you have registered here, 72 hours prior the day’s lesson you will get details and the link for the Zoom lessons access. 


I will do regular invoice for your payment, but I won't send it to you, unless you ask for it.




  • 1 FLAT BRUSHES around 60mm wide (very flat) 
  • a stick of balsa wood around 30 mm wide/100mm long/3mm thick 
  • ALL OF YOUR USUAL and “UNUSUAL” TOOLS YOU WANT TO USE (folding pens, rouling pens…) (N211) (N214)
  • AUTOMATIC PEN NUMBER 5 AND 4 (or one of the twos) (N27)
  • Ink and fluids at your preference:  (I70) (WNG1) (I59)
  • at least 4 large sheets of GOOD QUALITY PAPER 50x70 cm, not more then 165/180 gsm  Suggested: Arches Text Wove, Canson Mi-Teinte, Rives BFK. (this are your exercises paper and book pages) (PS00) (PS01) (PS61) (PS91) (PS107)
  • 1 SHEETS OF BLACK (or dark color) PAPER  around 90/120 g/m 50x70cm, any quality and brand can find. (PS21) (PS22) (PS113)



  • 2 pieces of hard bookbinding cardboard 3 mm thick /size 33.5 cm by 13cm each (this is the book cover) 
  • 1 sheet of cardboard 0,7 mm thick (400gsm) - size around 30x40 cm. (this is to cut for the embossing) 
  • “exacto” knife or a good blade cutter (S417)
  • bookbinding glue or diluted pva with water at 10% (S340)
  • one brush around 4cm wide for glueing (bad quality)
  • embossing tools or a good bone folder (teflon bone folder is perfect) (S308)
  • needles and thread for bookbinding (S213) (S352)