Michael Sull - Advanced Ornamental Penmanship

This class is part of the 2021 IAMPETH Annual Conference. This class is not sponsored by John Neal Books.

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Michael Sull

Advanced Ornamental Penmanship

Class supplies

  • Oblique penholder with at least one extra point. (H133) (H114) (N113)
  • Your favorite ink for pointed pen writing. (I70) (I145) (I37)
  • #2 pencil, or mechanical pencil. (PL38) (PL21)
  • Plastic or vinyl eraser. (E13)
  • 2 colored pencils (a different color in each pencil). (PL28) (PL05)
  • Graph/grid paper; prefer either 1/4” or1/8” grid. (P22)
  • Lined paper for practice, such as lined Rhodia, Clairefontaine, or 24lb. quality inkjet or laser paper on which you have lined with your computer. (P54) (P35)