Marina Soria - Calligraphy in Blossom - February 15-24

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“Calligraphy in Blossom”


If we start from letters the result will be pretty much the same, but if we move to a much broader shape resource in nature such as flowers, leaves and branches, then the result would be a whole set of new possibilities.

Our starting point will be nature. We'll practice with the Japanese brush creating different types of strokes, finding all the possibilities this tool can give us. We will study the basic shape of simple flowers trying to represent them in as few strokes as possible, like in the sumi-e tradition.

We will research into the Taoist principles of beauty (empathy or resonance, vital rhythm or “chi-yun”, reticence or suggestion, and the empty space or gestalt, western concept). We will create a blossoming alphabet with various solutions for the same character in order to broaden our graphic and design solutions.

We´ll create an ikebana and play with quick time roughs in order to go from figurative to abstraction in minutes.

The Japanese brush and the cola pen will be our tools, first working with sumi and then moving on to color rendering. The final form will be a concertina book in which natural reverberations will have priority over legibility.

The playful aspect of painting will open our minds and the joy in the execution will show through our strokes.

COST: $110 USD

4 lessons ONLINE course

The Zoom Meetings will be recorded, so if for any reason you may not attend, you will still be able to follow the whole course at your own speed by just watching the Prezi presentations in order as well as the recorded meetings.

The course includes:

  • More than 4 hours Zoom meeting recordings
  • 4 Prezi Presentations with images & audio
  • Handouts and PDF practice sheets
  • Facebook private group for posting, consulting and feedback


  1. Monday, February 15th
  2. Wednesday, February 17th
  3. Monday, February 22nd
  4. Wednesday, February 24th

Classes will be held at 9 pm Buenos Aires time (UTC-3). Please check the time in your own time zone.

If you don't know how to check your time zone, you can use the following link, by adding your home town:

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Link for registration:

You can also visit my Facebook page and personal website


  • BR26-S3 Medium-sized brushes
  • N120 Nibs
  • N22 – N30 Ruling pen
  • N155 – N30 Folded pen
  • N156 Luthis pen
  • N155 Dragonfly
  • N02 Brause smallest nib sizes
  • N05 Mitchel Smallest sized edged nibs
  • N120 Nibs copper plate
  • I70 – I24-2 Sumi ink
  • S449 – S450 – I53 Walnut ink
  • WNWC1 Winsor & Newton watercolor
  • S1053 Van Gogh watercolor
  • SG893-F Schmincke watercolor
  • S1083 – S1054 - S1050 watercolor palette
  • P100 Strathmore Drawing 400 Series. 24 sheets 12”x 18” 80 lb / 130 gms
  • PS91 Rives BFK 22”x 30” (56cm x 76cm) 250gs
  • PS61 Canson Mi Tientes color paper
  • B4326 Marbled
  • S391 – S203 Glue
  • S213 Binding needle
  • S352 Thread
  • S966 – S579 Awl
  • S270 – S271 Metal ruler
  • S142 – PL38 Pencil HB
  • M17 – M18 – M124 Fibre tip pens, Microne
  • S120-30 – S679 Palette for mixing colors
  • S391 Glue stick UHU
  • S86 – E13 – E35 Eraser


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