Marina Soria - Weaving Words - August 23, 30 & September 6, 13

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Weaving Words part 2

Inspired in the words of the famous Argentine historian, Ruth Corcuera, I created this course.

“Thousands of years ago, when only the voice recorded small and big events of every day life, women would cover their newborn child in a wrap. In this we see a space created between the mother´s womb and the world outside. We believe textiles were born from such gestures, within the realm of feelings and from a women´s view: to protect, to give warmth and to sustain life. In time, textile art will be the means to tell us through colors and designs that the world can be read through symbols, as in a written text“

This didn’t happen only in great American cultures but all around the world in all civilizations Inspired in traditional textiles we will try to rescue their weaving technique, designs, graphics, motifs and color palettes. We will search for the color scheme, predominant & complimentary colors and accents. Study their designs, the character of line and drawings, the texture and pattern in order to mingle and blend calligraphy with the textile arts. With this knowledge we will design alphabets that will resemble our textiles. It’s my intention to share with you my own experimentations and findings and hope you will find new solutions to your calligraphic compositions from this new perspective. We will add stitches and even make books with the use of the sewing machine. So let´s start weaving!

The course includes:

  • 6 hours Zoom meeting recordings
  • 3 Prezi Presentations with images
  • Handouts
  • Facebook private group for posting, consulting and feedback

CLASSES: August 23· 30 & September 6· 13· 2021 - 5pm Buenos Aires Time

Classes will be held in Buenos Aires time (UTC-3). Please check the time in your own time zone.

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  • BR26-S3 Medium-sized brushes
  • N120 Nibs
  • N22 – N30 Ruling pen
  • N155 – N30 Folded pen
  • N27. Automatic Pen
  • N27-SCROLL. Automatic Scroll Pen
  • N155 Dragonfly
  • N02. Brause Calligraphy Nibs
  • N04. Mitchell Nibs (Round Hand)
  • N120 Nibs copper plate
  • N11. Scroll Nibs
  • N39. Brause 5-Line Music Nib
  • N164. Mitchell #0268 Music Writing Nib (3 tine)
  • N16. Speedball B Series
  • S820. Fineline Applicator (Empty)
  • S449 – S450 – I53 Walnut ink
  • WNWC1 Winsor & Newton watercolor
  • S1050 Pan watercolor
  • SG893-F Schmincke watercolor
  • S1050 watercolor palette
  • P100 Strathmore Drawing 400 Series. 24 sheets 12”x 18” 80 lb / 130 gms
  • P67. 5x7 Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Block
  • PS01-FS PS00. FULL SHEET Arches Text Wove 40 x 25.5 in
  • P43. Borden & Riley Tracing Pad #41
  • S391 – S203 Glue
  • S213 Binding needle
  • S352 Thread
  • S966 – S579 Awl
  • S270 – S271 Metal ruler
  • PL38 Pencil HB
  • M17 – M18 – M124 Fibre tip pens, Microne
  • S120-30 – S679 Palette for mixing colors
  • S391 Glue stick UHU
  • S412. Drafting Tape
  • S86 – E13 – E35 Eraser
  • S1013. Artograph LED LightPad LX
  • S260. Widemouthed Plastic Jar
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