Laura Norton I Calligraphy for the Streets: Bold, Hand-Lettered Signs - October 3rd

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Calligraphy for the Streets: Bold, Hand-Lettered Signs with Laura Norton
What is being called forth in you? Use your “visual voice” to speak out publicly without making a sound, whether to call for justice or to congratulate a graduate. We’ll use informal Versal (multi-stroke) letters to create large, boldly expressive hand-lettered words on posters/signs which can be carried or worn in a march or rally–or displayed in your window or yard. Add flourishes or other embellishments to the words in your design.Learn materials, tools, techniques for visually calling for justice or boosting a celebration, as well as such practical matters as ways to carry (or wear) your sign and waterproofing considerations.You may complete one or two large signs (or a 2-sided sign on one foam board).


• Pencil (S142)

• Ruler or T-square (or other straight edge—e.g., cookie sheet) (S753) (S270)

• Tombow Dual Brush Pens (variety of colors, at least 3 pens) (M120)

• Foam board, 20”x30”, 16”x20” or similar size (1-2, or save money and buy 10 or 25 if you’ll use them)

• Zig Posterman Biggie 30 pen, (any color which contrasts foam board) – 30 mm (or 50 mm for very large letters)  Available in waterproof or non-waterproof

• (Optional) Fixative for waterproofing signs (S998)

• (Optional) Duct tape or hurricane tape, stick, yard stick, or dowel to attach (S1031)