Amity Parks - Chunky Caps - November 12, 13

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Chunky Caps

This Class will meet for two 2-hour classes on Nov. 12 & 13 at 10am MDT both days.

This class will be spent learning a broad edged pen version of a chunky Roman capital alphabet.  This fun and bold hand has a more casual and contemporary look than its more formal cousins.  We’ll practice the pen manipulation that allows for dynamic stroke transitions. The boldness of this lettering style creates lovely textures and white spaces. Once we’ve learned the alphabet, we’ll add some color. This hand lends itself to fun color blending when spaced tightly, as the bold stokes stay wet and allow for bleeding from one letter to another.  We’ll play with a couple types of powdered watercolors/inks, Brushos from Britain and Bisters from Belgium to get some gorgeous and transparent color effects with our lettering. If there is time, we’ll get out our pencils and add some graphite effects to our lettering to really make it pop.

Nov. 12 & 13 at 10am MST

Live Zoom Class - All Skill Levels

Supply list:

  • Walnut Ink or whatever ink you are comfortable using, in a container that is easy to dip. (I53)
  • Bister Inks are nice with this hand if you have them (I157-S4) (I157)
  • Large size broad edge pen, like a 3A (1/4") Automatic pen (my preferred) or a Speedball C-0. (N09) (N27) (N214 6mm)
  • Several sheets of Paper, I recommend Strathmore 400 series drawing paper, but any similar drawing or sketch paper will work. (approx. 9"x12") (P100)
  • A small round pointed brush (size 1 or 2). Whatever you have! (BR26)
  • Water container/Paper towels (S784) (S1005) (S817)
  • ruler & pencil (you can pre-rule a page or two with a 3 pen width letter height and 1/2" between lines.) (S798) (S142)
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